UFC's Spencer Fisher Not Opposed To Fighting For Strikeforce

Jun 22, 2012; Atlantic City, NJ, USA; Sam Stout (left) fights Spencer Fisher in a lightweight bout during UFC on FX at Revel Resort and Casino. Sam Stout won the fight by unanimous decision in the third round. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Friday night's UFC On FX 4 card started out with a bang, but ended on a sour note. The main event was a disappointment at best, and presented a bout that I hope is never repeated. Another moment that left me wondering what fight the judges were actually watching, was the bout between Spencer Fisher and Sam Stout. I didn't understand the 30-27 scoring, but recently, I've been left bewildered by the scoring on many fights. In a short TapouT Radio interview, Spencer discussed his future and the curious scoring in his fight.

Stephie Daniels: Many thought you won the fight with Sam on Friday night, including Dana White, but you seem to be gearing up for retirement. Are your plans certain at this point, or are you still mulling it over?

Spencer Fisher: Well, I have thought about it, and I'm not closing any doors, but to be fair to the UFC, I can't see them keeping me around. Even if I should have gotten the win, I ended up getting the loss, and a lot of people would have a hard time seeing me fight again, so I will leave that up to the UFC.

Stephie Daniels: If there were an offer for you to fight in Strikeforce, would that interest you?

Spencer Fisher: I wouldn't have problems with anything like that. First of all, I've got to fix my wrestling. In the gym I can go all day. Everybody is always asking me how I get taken down so easily in a fight. I think it's because I go out there and get so emotionally involved with it. I just go out there and I throw. I wasn't expecting him to take me down, so, props to him.

I know a couple times when I was hitting him, and I don't know if you guys could see it at home, but I was hitting him, and he kept saying "Damn!", every time I would hit him. It is what it is, I guess.

Stephie Daniels: Coming out of that fight, it seemed you only had one cut, but Sam sustained lacerations and a possible fractured orbital, according to the athletic commission release. Did you sustain any other injuries?

Spencer Fisher: That was the last 20 seconds of the fight. I didn't know how they were judging it. I didn't feel like I got hit until the last bit of the fight. Even when I was on the bottom, I didn't feel much, but again, they give so much credit for the takedown.

Stephie Daniels: How do you feel about the takedowns, because even though he was able to score them, it seemed like he wasn't able to do much with them.

Spencer Fisher: [laughs] Of course I'm not a fan of the takedown. If you take people down, and you try to finish them, or advance, that's one thing, but laying and sweating on people, I don't know, they give that too much.

Stephie Daniels: What's on the agenda for you in the immediate future? Will you be taking some time off, or going straight back to the gym?

Spencer Fisher: I'm in North Carolina right now with my family. It's nice to get away and relax, that's for sure.

Stephie Daniels: If the UFC decides that you are to be cut, would fighting an outside organization interest you, or will you call it quits?

Spencer Fisher: The UFC is where I made my home at. I just feel that I should leave that in Dana's hands, and whatever he thinks is best is what I'll go with. It's in Dana White's hands. People say a lot of things, but he's always been good to me, so I'll just go with what he thinks is best.

Stephie Daniels: It sounds to me like you're saying it has to be Zuffa or nothing at all. Am I interpreting this correctly?

Spencer Fisher: I heard someone say once, "Your wallet talks", but as of right now, I'm thinking I can take some time off and heal up, and that's about it for right now.

Stephie Daniels: How do you feel physically? You've got these guys like Randy Couture and Dan Henderson who have fought into their 40's, so I'm curious if you feel like you still have some left in the tank. Would you consider TRT if it were applicable to you?

Spencer Fisher: Yeah, absolutely. I'd do anything within the rules, of course. I had so many injuries going into this fight, as well. I know it doesn't need to be talked about too much, but there was a lot of things I couldn't do because of it. The night before the weigh-ins, I got a cut over my right eye, as well. It's been a rocky road for this fight. I read some comments that thought that I wasn't in top shape. I was in top shape, I just wasn't able to do a lot of things because of my injuries. No excuses, though. I know I lost the fight because I got taken down. I'm definitely going to take some time off and heal up, and then I'll get back to everybody on what's going to happen next in my career.

Stephie Daniels: You mentioned that if you decided to stay active, you needed to work on your wrestling. Have you considered going out to AKA to train with Muhammed Lawal or Daniel Cormier for some Olympic level training, or another gym with high caliber wrestlers?

Spencer Fisher: Oh yes, I would be. I was at Kings MMA this time, for the mixed martial arts part. I was expecting a fight similar to our prior two fights, so I definitely should have worked on my wrestling. [laughs] I probably still would have gotten taken down. I was so intent on having a good stand up fight, that I just closed the door on everything else, but I still thought I was doing enough damage on the feet that they would have given me the nod.

Stephie Daniels: One thing that bothered me about the decision was the scoring. I had you winning 29-28, so if it went to a split, or if he won, it could have been somewhat acceptable, had it not been 30-27 across the board.

Spencer Fisher: Well, maybe that could be in my future. Maybe I could be a judge. Who knows.

Stephie Daniels: You'd be interested in judging if you don't continue on with an active fighting career?

Spencer Fisher: I'd be very interested. Yes, I would.

Follow Spencer via his Twitter, @TheKing_Spencer

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