Rich Franklin: Hes not a legend for nothing

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Rich Franklin: By the Numbers

He’s not a legend for nothing.

Rich Franklin Former Middleweight Champion of the world, as well as to many of us the "Catchweight King". He comes from humble beginnings as a he rose from local Math Teacher to one of the most feared men on the planet. One of the most humble and likable fighters that will ever grace the Octagon, though his legend also will lay in the punches he through and the victories he earned.

Rich Jay Franklin II is 37 years old, 38 in October born October 4th 1974. He is the 6th oldest UFC fighter currently competing. Matt Hughes(38), Sean Sherk(38), Anthony Perosh(40),Dan Henderson(41) and Vladimir Matyushenko(41) Precede him.

Franklin graduated from University of Cincinnati with a Bachelors in education, and Masters in Mathematics. As is the case with many UFC fighters having earned a higher education, Franklin is among the likes of Shane Carwin (Masters in Mechanical Engineering), Takeya Mizugaki ( Masters in Electrical Engineering), Jeff Monson (Masters in Psychology), Terry Martin (Masters of Science).

Through his career Franklin has achieved a record of 29 wins, and 6 losses. He has won 15 by KO(52%), 10 by Submission(35%), and 3 by Decision(13%). One of the highest Finishing rates in UFC ever and currently 87%.

Rich Franklin has never lost to anyone who wasn’t already a champion or wouldn’t go on to be a UFC champion. Those losses being a few guys you might have heard of :

Forrest Griffin(Won UFC LHW Championship against Quinton Jackson at UFC 86),

Vitor Belfort(Won UFC LHW Championship at UFC 46 against Randy Couture),

Dan Henderson(UFC 17 tournament winner),

Anderson Silva(Won UFC MW Championship at UFC 64 against Rich Franklin),

and Lyoto Machida(Won UFC LHW Championship at UFC 98 against Rashad Evans).

Franklin is tied with Chris Leben at 7th for most UFC appearances with 19 fights. Preceded by: Frank Mir(20), BJ Penn(21), Chuck Liddell(23), Randy Couture(24), Matt Hughes(25), Tito Ortiz(26).

There is no doubt Rich Franklin will go down in history as one of the greatest men to ever trade leather in the cage. Franklin fought without a huge ego, with out hateful words for his opponent, and let the fights speak for themselves. Some may have forgot why he garnered the name Rich "Ace" Franklin, but hopefully this will remind you. From Math Teacher to UFC Champion, one of the most interesting men in our sport.

Stats :Fightmetric

Photos: getty images, cagepotatoe

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