World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 Game review

I have the game World of Mixed Martial Arts 3 by Greydog Software. Highly addictive game if you ever want to try out a mma manager game. This is the same company that made the extreme warfare games (pro wrestling management) I have been simulating a few events for a while now.

You begin by placing points for your stats, e.g. negotiating, promotion, eye for talent, ect. Then you would pick a company to manage, from a lower promotion like Shark Fights to the UFC.

In this game, you basically create an event e.g. UFC ### on a particular. You would book fights like Joe Silva. Each individual fighter would have a variety of stats from wrestling to creative striking. The fighters all have a certain level of reputation from low level regional(e.g. Jon Tuck) to high level international (e.g. Georges St. Pierre). As fighters win fight, their reputation grows, so as a booker you would need to find ways to get your prospects on win streaks to boost their reputation and create your own MMA stars. Fighters do improve their stats as they age through joining certain training camps (Imperial Athletics, Jackson's MMA). As fighters reach their late 30's however, most would be declining and their stats would no longer be improving, eventually announcing their retirement.

A fight would be simulated in text, taking into regard stats of the respective fighter to decide who would likely win. Upsets are possible however so don't expect fights to be clear cut. after a fight is simulated, it would receive a rating, as wars would be considered excellent while lay and pray fights would be considered poor.

When your entire fight card for your event has been simulated, it would receive two separate ratings, one for how entertaining the card as a whole has been (critical) and one for how financially successful the card is.

The lowpoints for this game would be dealing with contracts of fighters, you would adjust base pay, pay-per view cuts, winning bonuses, medical coverage, and etc. I found this part of the game to be the most tedious part of the game.

The game is $35 dollars at GreyDogSoftware, you would receive an e-license for the game so sorry you can't pirate it. The price seems steep but i have been pouring hours into this game ever since purchase. However, there is a demo at the website where you can try out the mechanics of the game.

Overall this game is highly addicting if you can get over the lack of sounds and graphics and enjoy the role of a joe silva booker type role. I do recommend you try the demo at least as this is probably the best and only mma manager game on the market.

(p.s. to use real fighters and organizations rather then the default animated characters, you would need to download the mods that are available at the forums of the developer site.)

I hope BE finds this review helpful in anyway. This is my first post and I hope to contribute more to the site in any way.

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