Nick Diaz:By the numbers

Nick Diaz: By the numbers.

Nicholas Roberto Diaz is a polarizing figure in MMA. Diaz is someone who doesn't do tons of interviews and has quite a distaste for the press. Many of his actions are sporadic or just plain confusing. Hes fought in promotions such as Strike Force, UFC, Pride, now Defunct Elite XC, and Dream. Though many of his greatest victories, are over shadowed by some of his more mind boggling actions justified or not it makes him one of the more intriguing figures of our growing sport.

Diaz is a tall-lanky welterweight, at six feet tall with a 76 inch reach. Diaz Emphasizes a pitter-patter boxing style mixing up his low power misdirection punches with his high power knockout punches. Thats not to say he doesn't kick, but his dominant striking style is a unique variation of boxing he has pioneered, for which his brother has followed suit in a grand way.

Nick Diaz boasts a record 26 wins, 8 defeats, and 1 no contest. He has been defeated by: Jeremy Jackson, Kuniyoshi Hironaka, Karo Parisyan, Diego Sanchez, Joe Riggs, Sean Sherk, K.j. Noons, and Carlos Condit. Diaz earned notable wins over: Chris Lytle (2nd pro fight), Jeremy Jackson (revenge two times), Robbie Lawler, Drew Fickett, Josh Neer, Gleison Tibau, Takanori Gomi (overturned due to failed drug test, no contest) Thomas Denny, Frank Shamrock, Marius Zaromskis, Hayato Sakurai, K.J. Noons( revenge win), Evangelista Santos, Paul Daley, and B.J. Penn.

Now for the specifics.(since UFC debut at UFC 44:Undisputed)

Diaz has thrown a grand total of 1,615 strikes.

attempted 19 submissions(completing 5).

Passed to dominant position 26 times.

He has been taken down 27 times, with a Take down defense rate of 64%.

Diaz has completed 27 take downs with a accuracy of 33%.

At only 21 he had already beaten Chris Lytle, Robbie Lawler, and Drew Fickett.

Diaz has fought for a championship 5 times defending or contesting in Strikeforce or UFC.

Diaz has only been finished 2 times. Against K.J. Noons (Doctor stoppage), and Jeremy Jackson (TKO punches).

Nick, and Nate Diaz are among only 6 pairs of siblings to have graced the UFC octagon. Those being Matt and Nick Serra, Ken and Frank Shamrock, Jim and Dan Miller, and Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueria.

At 28 years of age Nick Diaz is still heading into his prime, he is perfecting his cardio heavy boxe'm wear down fighting style, with immense BJJ. With all his great contributions to the MMA community and history, he still has his flaws. The absence at the UFC 137 Press conference which would end up costing him the title fight entirely. Along with his lack of presence at his BJJ Super Fight against the great Braulio Estima, where he had promised his purse to charity. Those two events have essentially drawn a line in the sand for many fans. Some say he can do no wrong some say hes an embarrassment.

A matter of whether you like him or not is only opinion, but the numbers speak for them selves. What we can expect from his return after a year long suspension is unknown, but we can be sure that it will again give an excitement to the fight game few fighters can mirror.

source on statistics :

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