UFC On FX 4 Results And Recap: Gray Maynard Beats Clay Guida In Much Discussed Fight

Gray Maynard connects with Clay Guida Friday at UFC on FX 4, one of the few times he was able to corral him. (Credit: Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE)

Following UFC 147 Saturday, Dana White said he was in a bad mood after some of the happenings from UFC on FX 4 the night before.

While he didn't name the Clay Guida vs. Gray Maynard fight specifically, his comments after the fight Friday certainly would lead one to believe that was the main cause for his headache.

One of the more anticipated lightweight fights of 2012 turned out to be a bizarre affair with Guida doing his best to evade Maynard and engage one strike at a time -- perceived as running from many watching, including White himself.

Maynard got so infuriated at stages that he flipped off Guida in the cage, while referee Dan Miragliotta threatened Guida late in the bout with a point deduction for not engaging.

For more on the odd fight as part of SBN coverage of UFC on FX 4, click after the jump.

The first three rounds involved plenty of Guida jabbing and plenty of Maynard swinging at air. When the two did engage in close quarters, the action was good. Otherwise, it involved a game plan that we haven't seen from the popular Guida ever: not engaging. The same fighter who stood toe-to-toe with Diego Sanchez in one of the best sequences in modern MMA did the exact opposite Friday, which resulted in something else unusual during a Guida fight: lots and lots of boos.

Maynard earned a split decision win over Guida with two judges giving him the fight 48-47 while the other had 48-47 for Guida. White said post-event that he didn't understand the scoring and had Maynard winning by a lot more.

For the full blow-by-blow, check out Nate Wilcox's recap but the story of the fight was Maynard's frustration with Guida's game plan. At one point during the fourth round, he lost his cool and dropped his hands, taunting Guida to hit him. He did land several shots on Maynard's chin and then went for a takedown, which was stuffed and turned into a guillotine attempt for Maynard.

Maynard refused to shake Guida's hand post-fight and the two argued outside the cage when they left. Backstage, UFC cameras caught the two in a heated verbal exchange during medical checkups that got both corners involved. Guida contented that Maynard was pulling his hair throughout the fight, something he brought up to Miragliotta several times.

What's Next?

Maynard (11-1-1-1) said he wants a fourth fight with Frankie Edgar for the UFC Lightweight title with the only problem that Edgar has to beat Ben Henderson in August to even consider that. Likely, he'll get the nod for another top lightweight contender of which there are plenty.

The more interesting storyline is Guida (29-13), who is now catching heat for his fight approach in such a high-profile situation. One of the UFC's most exciting fighters for years now has his boss openly complaining about his style and the game plan put in by Greg Jackson. Who he's matched up against next will be notable as a lesser name booking could be a sort of unspoken punishment for the performance.

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