1 unpopular opinion about MMA you hold.

Which opinion about MMA do you hold that people disagree with most ? Whether it's finding Tyrone Woodley exciting,(You'd be wrong, by the way) or a certain champion being overrated, hating the idea of tournaments, or gasp actually liking the idea of interim belts.

Mine, for example, is that 205 isn't actually the great division it's usually painted out to be. For example, looking at the SB Nation rankings for light heavy, it's

1 Jon Jones 375 UFC 1
2 Dan Henderson 357 UFC 2
3 Rashad Evans 342 UFC 3
4 Mauricio Rua 333 UFC 4
5 Lyoto Machida 315 UFC 5
6 Phil Davis 278 UFC 6
7 Alexander Gustafsson 260 UFC 7
8 Ryan Bader 250 UFC 8
9 Quinton Jackson 242 UFC 9
10 Forrest Griffin 206 UFC 10
11 Antonio Rogerio Nogueira 180 UFC 11
12 Gegard Mousasi 175 Strikeforce 12
13 Rafael Cavalcante 155 Strikeforce 13
14 Muhammed Lawal 124 Strikeforce 13
15 Tito Ortiz 115 UFC 16
16 Thiago Silva 96 UFC 17
17 Vladimir Matyushenko 87 UFC 18
18 Stanislav Nedkov 80 UFC 20
19 Stephan Bonnar 77 UFC 21
20 Ryan Jimmo 75 UFC 19

Now, looking at this, it makes me truly realise what a top heavy division light heavy is. When Forrest Griffin is in the top ten despite not looking very impressive for a long time, Ryan Bader who is coming off wins over Jason Brilz and a shitty Rampage is just above him at number 8, and then just outside of the top ten who have no other top fighters to fight but each other, meaning they can't really prove themselves, it paints a very disappointing picture. Another problem in the division is that there are a severe lack of up and comers. Alexander Gustaffson is a great prospect, and the new arrival in Glover Texeria are good additions, but Alex will soon get a shot, and Glover isn't exactly too young either, so outside of the two of them there aren't many options. I also think many of the top fighters in the division are out of their athletic primes. Rampage, Shogun, Rashad (although Rashad has shown no signs of slowing down) Machida and others are all coming or come to an age that their bodies will start slowing down, and unless they hit the TRT like Hendo has, they will inevitably start to decline slightly.It is hard to judge if they're out of their prime while they only fight other fighters that also may be starting to decline however. I think Jon Jones is a monster, but I'm hoping more up and comers and contenders appear soon, lest he move up into a much weaker division.
I know this opinion will surely get diabolically hated, so what is one of yours ?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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