M-1: Fedor Vs. Rizzo - Live Results And Play-By-Play

Photo: Esther Lin / MMAFighting.com

Today sees MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko step back into the M-1 ring to take on former UFC star Pedro Rizzo. There has been much speculation that this could be the last time Fedor fights as a professional, but I assume that, like any great athlete, how he performs and how he feels during the fight will dictate his future more than anything. Emelianenko is a huge favorite to get the win though, listed anywhere from -1500 to -2000 at sportsbooks.

We will have live results and play-by-play for the event so make sure you keep your browser locked in here to check out all the action. The broadcast is scheduled to start at 12 p.m. ET

Here's today's card (thanks to MMARocks.pl for getting me the accurate card):

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Pedro Rizzo
Heavyweiht championsip: Guram Gugenishvili vs. Kenny Garner
Lightweight Championship: Musa Khamanaev vs. Daniel Weichel
Denis Komkin vs. Jeff Monson
Marat Gafurov vs. Mairbek Taisumov
Mikhail Malyutin vs. Renat Gasanov

Results will be after the jump when the show starts...

The Fight Network is airing ShoFIGHT despite saying they would be carrying this live. I'll be updating with results and play-by-play for the main three or four bouts once they go live.

Okay, now it looks like the Fight Network broadcast is going. Fights up shortly.

Mikhail Malyutin vs. Renat Gasanov - Round 1 - Gasanov comes forward recklessly and falls to the ground but they're back up. Both guys are slipping all over the place. Gasanov jumps to pull guard, looks to throw his legs up but can't get anything and eats a hammerfist. Goes for another armbar but isn't actually setting it up. Malyutin is on top, staying calm and landing some good punches. Malyutin is laying into him now and after a hard flurry of shots the referee has to jump in to end the fight. Mikhail Malyutin wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Marat Gafurov vs. Mairbek Taisumov - Round 1 - Taisumov with a big punch and a flying knee that misses. Now he's pouring it on with shots on the ground, back to standing and Taisumov is just winging right hands. Gafurov is in a lot of trouble. Gafurov pulls guard again and he goes for an armbar but Taisumov escapes. Now he's looking for a standing kimura. Nothing there though. Gafurov shoots again and now he manages to actually get the takedown. Hammerfists by Gafurov and some big punches too. Taisumov looking a little bit tired. Gafurov is taking this over now. Close round but I'll go 10-9 Taisumov for more damaging blows.

Round 2 - Taisumov landing big right hands and low kicks here. Gafurov decides to pull guard again. Stand-up after a lack of action and it's back to Taisumov's world. Things are slowing down a bit here. Gafurov is throwing kicks now but nothing of note has really landed for about 2 minutes now. Gafurov misses with a weird spinning backfist. Big flurry by Taisumov with about 25 seconds left. 10-9 Taisumov.

Round 3 - Gafurov is going for it with some big strikes. Aaand, Fight Network cuts into the fight with an ad? Okay, back to the action and Gafurov keeps going for takedowns and throwing big strikes, but isn't getting much of note done. Eye poke by Taisumov and there's a brief break before a restart and the fight ends. Competitive fight, but weird pace and it appears there was a shot after the bell, they were angry, now they shake hands. Should be a Taisumov decision win.

Official Scorecards: Marat Gafurov wins by split decision. Joke decision. Go figure, unbeaten guy remains undefeated.

Denis Komkin vs. Jeff Monson - Round 1 - Komkin misses a leg kick. Monson throws a punch, ducks under and looks for a takedown. Komkin defends and Monson pulls guard. Monson ducks behind and reverses to get on top. Komkin grabs a head but Monson is in side control. Monson stays calm and slowly moves to north-south and here we go. There's the north-south choke and there's the tap. Jeff Monson wins by submission (north-south choke), round 1.

Heavyweiht championsip: Guram Gugenishvili vs. Kenny Garner - Round 1 - Kick by Guram and a quick takedown. Right to the back now, both hooks in. Garner is able to survive, get out and he's now on top. Garner passes into some sort of headlock thing and Guaram gets out and they're standing. Garner cracks Guram hard and guram is gassed, and not just a little. He's barely able to stand up and now Garner is on top looking to take an arm. Garner had mount briefly. Garner fires away and the round ends. Guram takes a while just getting to his feet. Guram looks like trash. 10-9 Garner.

Round 2 - Guram cracks him and Garner goes down but he's right back up. Guram with another takedown and he's got the back again. Guram trying for the rear naked choke again and again can't get it. Garner now pounding on him and Guram. Garner is able to pass guard at will again and he's looking for a kimura again and can't get it again. Right hand by Garner. 10-9 Garner again.

Round 3 - Garner pushing the pace while Guram stumbles around exhausted. Guram with a desperation takedown after Garner was opening up a bit. Now Guram landing some punches. Guram does get to mount. He lands a couple punches. Garner bucks him off and Guram grabs an arm. Garner escapes the deep armbar attempt. They're stood up and Garner is pouring on the strikes and Guram defends like a little kid for a while just putting his leg up to try and push away. Guram with a desperation takedown attempt and Garner ends the round beating on him. 10-9 Garner.

Guram's face is all swollen up. Guram doesn't answer the bell. Well...that'll do it. Guram looks like garbage and quits on his stool. I'm done with that dude. Kenny Garner wins by TKO (retirement), round 3.

Pedro Rizzo vs. Fedor Emelianenko - Round 1 - Fedor moving forward, Rizzo bouncing and throws two punches that come pretty slow. Fedor with a low kick and a big right and Rizzo drops. Fedor follows up with huge punches and Rizzo is out cold. Wow. Great showing in a fight that didn't really matter. Fedor Emelianenko wins by KO (punches), round 1.

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