If you like this, follow my blog I will be doing the prelims as soon as the odds are posted.

any critiques or differing opinions are welcomed.

Clay Guida +250
Gray Maynard -350
Two wrestlers go at it in this one. Gray only losing too Frankie Edgar and Nate diaz (on TUF). While Guida has only lost the current champ in the last three years, who he gave quite a good fight, and before that a submission loss to Kenny Florian. They are both solid wrestlers. Pick: Maynard , but don't be surprised if Guida uses his cardio to wear out Maynard. So some will say this is a lock for Gray I'd stay away from straight bets here. Guida surprises people a lot more than the odds are giving him credit for. Guida has a 66% finishing rate while Maynard only has a 20% finishing rate. This will likely go all 5 rounds. So if you have an option to bet this going over 3 1/2 rounds take it.
Spencer Fisher +250
Sam Stout -350
This is a rubber match, both men collecting one win against each other. The thing is, Last time they fought Fisher was 31 now 36, and Sam Stout was 23 now 28. Since then both men have had diverging paths. Stout winning 3 of his last 5 fights. While Fisher has won only 1 of his last 5. Pick: Stout. Bet heavy, confidently. Age is catching up with Fisher and he hasn't looked good since 2009 when he beat an aging Caol Uno. Stout has a finishing rate of 59%, and Fisher with a 79%, but neither has finished each other yet. While I will say Stout is a strong straight or addition to a good parlay. I wouldn't be confident in any bet that this fight will end in a finish or go all three rounds.
Cub Swanson +160
Ross Pearson -200
Two Gritty strikers with similar records. Cub Swanson a more varied attack, but Pearson is bit more technical especially with his boxing. Pick: Pearson. Don't bet heavy straight here. Neither of these guys are consistent as of late, checkered records in their most recent fights, both men winning 2 out of their last 4. These guys are also relatively high finishers. Pearson with a 62 % finishing rate and Swanson with a 75% finishing rate. That plus the fact that these guys will both likely stand and bang makes this a good bet that it wont go all three rounds.
T.J. Waldburger +200
Brian Ebersole -260
This is a case of a BJJ specialist against a jack of all trades. Ebersole is a former Division 1 wrestler with a versatile and wide variety of striking attacks. Waldburger isn't very comfortable striking, has very little wrestling ability. Waldburger has what it takes to submit anybody on the ground but has no way of getting a guy like Ebersole there. Pick: Ebersole. Ebersole isn't a lock, but a 10 fight win streak and a wrestling base make him a solid straight pick against a BJJ specialist. Bet that this will end before 2 1/2 rounds. These guys are both finishers. Ebersole has a 69% finishing rate, and Waldburger has a 80 % finishing rate.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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