I mentioned this several times last night and it still bugged me even though the fight between Max Holloway and Pat Schilling was a total wipeout. The judges scorecards read 30-27 across the board and I was somehow irritated. Why? Because of round 2.

According to FightMetric, Holloway landed 50 of 101 strikes, compared to Schilling's tepid 9 of 30. Schilling was "technically" never knocked down in that round but he was certainly spending much of his time turtling up or on his back basically refusing to get back up until Holloway and the referee told him to. Oh, and Pat Schilling was 0-7 on takedowns in that round and 0-17 on the night.

So to summarize, Holloway connected on half of his shots, Schilling threw 40% less than Holloway LANDED, and put up practically zero effective offense the entire round. The end result? 10-9, 10-9, and 10-9.

This needs to stop. There have been more than a few instances of 10-8s in the last few months that should've been called by at least two judges and never were, including:

- Shogun vs. Henderson Round 5.

- Hioki vs. Palaszewski Round 1.

- Last night's Holloway vs. Schilling Round 2.

- Edgar vs. Maynard III Round 1.

Now in the case of Holloway vs. Schilling, I believe there needs to be more in the way of penalizing ineffective + non-existent offense in addition to being dominated through striking, grappling, whatever. Schilling did not put up much resistance in round 2 against the beating he was taking, which if anything really should've clinched a 10-8 round.

I do not think that 10-8s should constantly be scored based on the fight more or less being close to a finish, and rounds like last night's where Holloway did what he wanted while Schilling was going through failed double-leg after failed double-leg after failed double-leg after turtling up against the cage should be scored as a dominant round, NOT 10-9.

Of course, Holloway won comfortably, but I really hope that we have a close fight (similar to Edgar vs. Maynard 2) that is effectively decided on how a very lopsided and decisive round is scored. Admittedly I'm more liberal with 10-8s than most, and I understand that a 10-8 in a three-round fight effectively screws you out of a win unless you get a finish, but something needs to be done about this type of ridiculous scoring.

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