Strikeforce and Banned Substances

Three of the last four Strikeforce events have seen a fighter from the main card test positive for a banned substance. After a little bit of thinking about it this, I looked back at all the Strikeforce (non-Challenger) events over the last two years. There have only been two cards that did not feature someone who had (1) Already tested positive for a banned substance (2) Has now tested positive in the last two years.

Here is a list of some of the high profile SF fighters and Alumni that have tested positive in the past:

Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos - Steroids (2011)

Mo Lawal - Steroids (2012)

Rafael "Feijao" Calvalcante - Steroids (2012)

Nick Diaz - Marijuana (2007 & 2012)

Antonio Silva - Steroids (2008)

Josh Barnett - Steroids x 3 (2002, 2009)

Alistair Overeem - Elevated Testosterone (Steroids) (2012)

Nate Marquardt - Steroids (2005); Elevated Testosterone (2011)

Here is the last two years of events:

26 Jun, 2010 - SF: Fedor v Werdum (Cyborg Santos v Jan Finney)

21 Aug, 2010 - SF Houston (Mo Lawal v Rafael Cavalcante)

9 Oct, 2010 - SF: Diaz v Noons II

4 Dec 2010 - SF: St. Louis (Antonio Silva v Mike Kyle)

29 Jan 2011 - SF: Diaz v Cyborg

12 Feb 2011 - SF: Fedor v Silva

5 Mar 2011 - SF: Feijao v Hendo

9 Apr 2011 - SF: Diaz v Daley

18 Jun 2011 - SF: Overeem v Werdum (Josh Barnett v Brett Rogers)

30 Jul 2011 - SF: Fedor v Hendo - A Clean Main Card... but they made up for it next show

10 Sep 2011 - SF: HWGP (Josh Barnett v Kharitonov; Daniel Cormier v Antonio Silva; Mo Lawal v Roger Gracie; Rafael Cavalcante v Yoel Romero)

17 Dec 2011 - SF: Melendez v Masvidal (Cyborg Santos v Yamanaka)

7 Jan 2012 - SF: Rockhold v Jardine (Mo Lawal v Lorenz Larkin)

3 Mar 2012 - SF: Tate v Rousey

- Nobody that has tested positive, but this had the Brandon Saling incident, where Strikeforce hired a Neo-Nazi fighter with a history of domestic abuse.

19 May 2012 - SF: Barnett v Cormier (Rafael Cavalcante v Mike Kyle)

Upcoming fights

14 Jul 2012 - SF: Rockhold v Kennedy (Nate Marquardt v Tyron Woodley)

I don't really know what to think about this. Part of me thinks that it is some kind of culture in the Strikeforce locker rooms (Yes I know that Diaz, Barnett and Overeem tested positive in UFC). Past users like Barnett, Diaz, and Silva were rewarded with big spots on shows despite their previous positive test. Is it likely that that showed other fighters that it was worth the risk of getting caught once, because they could still recover, and if they didn't get caught they could have Overeem, and Cyborg type success. I'd like to hear what other people have to think about it.

My other thoughts end up here

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