Titan Fighting Championships 23: Live Results, Discussion, Play By Play

TFC 23

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play-by-play of Titan Fighting Championships 23: "Fight for the Troops." The show airs on HDNet tonight (June 15) at 10 p.m. ET and is headlined by former Sengoku champion and UFC middleweight Jorge Santiago (24-10) taking on Colorado Fight Factory's Justin Guthrie (9-4), who's filling in for Jay Silva as a late replacement.

Santiago, a member of the Blackzilians fight team, signed with Titan Fighting Championships after an unsuccessful Octagon stint that unfolded with a Brian Stann TKO and a decision against Demian Maia. "The Sandman" cleaned out Leonardo Pecanha by 1st-round TKO in his TFC debut and boasts an impressive stoppage rate with 12 submissions, 10 TKOs and 2 decisions. After losing 2 of 3 to start his MMA career, Guthrie has won 8 of 10, his only defeats coming by way of former UFCer Jesse Forbes and Strikeforce middleweight Lumumba Sayers, who holds 1st-round stoppages over Antwain Britt and Scott Smith in his last outings.

Titan Fighting Championships 23 "Fight for the Troops" Preview

The co-main event features a featherweight match up between Joe "The Nose" Wilk (16-6) and Josh Huber (9-3). Wilk has notched 13 of 16 wins by submission while submissions account for 6 of Huber's 9 victories; both fighters augment their tapouts with 2 career TKOs and a single decision.

The full card is as follows:

Jorge Santiago vs. Justin Guthrie
Josh Huber vs. Joe Wilk
Brandon Bear vs. Nick Budig
Jordan Johnson vs. Jake Lindsey
Wayman Carter vs. Gregg Van De Creek
Andrew Carrillo vs. Freddy Assuncao

And we're live. This is your co-pilot for the show, Dallas Winston. Find the earlier fight results after the jump. Next up is Jorge Santiago vs. Justin Guthrie.

R1: Santiago starts out dictating with a busy jab. Guthrie wings a few overhand rights that are ugly but powerful. Guthrie springs for a nice double leg and puts Santiago on his back, but Santiago devours a leg, uses it to sweep and then finishes with a clean heel hook.

Jorge Santiago defeats Justin Guthrie by submission (heel hook), Round 1.

Josh Huber vs. Joe Wilk

.R1: Wilk misses a high kick but charges with a double; Huber defends and they clinch on the fence. Over-under position with Wilk seeking an outside trip but switching to a double that he gets. Wilks craftily sneaks around and takes Huber's back, then switches to a guillotine from the top. He stands, readjusts his grip and falls back into a closed guard while wrenching the guillotine. Huber taps.

Joe "The Nose" Wilk defeats Josh Huber by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1.

Brandon Bear vs. Nick Budig

R1: Bear cracks a hard low kick and shoots successfully, putting Budig on his back. Bear unleashes a flurry of right hands and has Budig sandwiched into a corner in high half guard. Budig regains full guard but eats a few shots for his troubles. Bear back in half guard and in complete control. Mean ground and pound from Bear. Budig is bleeding from Bear's short elbows. I know all the B-words sound funny but I have no choice. Bear advances to full mount and unloads lefts and rights.

Budig is able to work his hips to escape but Bear quickly puts him right back down. We're ine same high half guard and Bear is dominating with control and ground and pound. Full mount as the ten-second clicker sounds. 10-8 beatdown for Bear.

R2: Pat Miletich has won my heart (again) for seeing the 1st round 10-8. Long jab by Bear, but he does get caught with a crisp right hook counter. Bear takes Budig down momentarily but can't hold position. Power double by Bear and he bases down hard with Budig's head against the cage. Bear relentless with ground and pound and demolishes Budig with rending left elbows to elicit the stoppage.

Brandon Bear defeats Nick Budig by TKO (elbows), Round 2.

Jordan Johnson vs. Jake Lindsey

R1: Johnson shoots an early double and gets it, transitioning right to Lindsey's back. Lindsey reverses into Johnson's guard in a high-paced scramble and pushes him back against the fence. Johnson works a guillotine and escapes back to his feet when Lindsey pulls out of it. Johnson controls the hips and takes Lindsey down, Lindsey gets up and takes Johnson down, then Johnson gets back up and takes Lindsey down. Furious grappling action here. Johnson hops on Lindsey's back when stands back up but Lindsey slips free.

Johnson tenacious with takedowns and nails another. Johnson drops back for a straight ankle lock then tries to turn into an inside heel hook; Lindsey defends well and pounds away until the bell. 10-10.

R2: Lindsey gets an early takedown and contains Johnson against the fence. Johnson swivels for another leglock but Lindsey stifles it. Stiff blows from Lindsey on top. Another series of big leather from Lindsey. Johnson reverses position and attacks Lindsey's neck from the top, then settles for ground and pound. The space is enough for Lindsey to dig into Johnson's hips and roll him onto his back. Lindsey pesters with shots from the top to close the round. 10-9 Lindsey.

R3: Johnson counters Lindsey's hook with a nice low kick. Johnson stuffs Lindsey's shot but can't upend him. Now Lindsey sprawls but Johnson is determined and finishes the takedown. Johnson locks on a guillotine and falls back to wrench it but Lindsey escapes and resumes the grind from the top. A decent smattering of left hands from Lindsey. Johnson tries to create space and scramble but Lindsey shuts it down and ends up in north-south, throwing punches.

Johnson is back to his feet and clinching. Lindsey hits a throw with double underhooks and lands more big punches from the top. Johnson's activity slowing now and he's more complacent from guard. 10-9 Lindsey for a 30-28 score on my card overall.

The judges see it 30-27 for Jake Lindsey, who defeats Jordan Johnson by unanimous decision.

Andrew Carrillo vs. Freddy Assuncao

R1: Ref Chuck Wolfe oversees the featherweights. The fighters trade low kicks; Carrillo whiffs a high kick but nails a double leg. Assuncao is back to his feet quickly and capitalizes on another missed kick to take Carrillo down. Carrillo explodes for an armbar and then cleverly spins to Assuncao's back when he defends. Assunaco patiently escapes and pings knees to Carrillo's thigh and hits a power-lift double; Carrillo scrambles right back to his feet.

Inside low kick from Assuncao, then a front push kick. They trade low kicks, twice. High single landed by Carrillo, who clips Assuncao with a knee when he stands back up, but ends up fighting Assuncao off from half guard. 10-9 Carrillo for the takedowns and legit submission attempts.

R2: They trade low and body kicks to open the 2nd. Assuncao hits a sweet foot sweep after faking a kick and looms over a prostrate Carrillo before diving into his guard. Assuncao snakes his way into a high half guard. After they separate, Carrillo dislocates his shoulder throwing a punch and the referee intervenes.

Freddy Assuncao defeats Andrew Carrillo by TKO (injury), Round 2.

Wayman Carter vs. Gregg Van De Creek

R1: Referee David Clinton governs these light-heavyweights. Carter opens up flailing some huge haymakers. Van De Creek clinches and gets a double-leg and snakes on a guillotine immediately. Carter sweeps into top position and lands hammerfists and elbows to the head and body. Steady top-side punishment from Carter, who passes to side control but finds himself fighting off another guillotine attempt. Van De Creek feels he has it and falls back to wrench the hold, but Carter escapes and touches off more ground and pound.

Carter goes to a can opener from the top. Van De Creek seeks a triangle that isn't there. The round ends with Carter defending strikes in Van De Creek's guard. Easy 10-9 for Carter.

R2: Front snap kick and right hook from Carter, which enables the duck-under double leg by Van De Creek, who passes to side control and seeks the crucifix position. He traps Carter's arm for a moment but Carter uses the underhook to sweep once again. Half-butterfly guard from Van De Creek, then full guard with his head against the fence. Short elbows from Carter.

Steady grinding by Carter in Van De Creek's full and somewhat idle guard. The referee stands them up with a little over a minute left and the doctor enters to check a cut on Carter's eye. Scratch that -- it's to replace some loose tape on his glove. Van De Creek with a sloppy shot; Carter sprawls and resumes the 6-inch elbow-fest before hopping smoothly into full mount. Van De Creek sneaks out the back door but fights off a tight armbar on the way out until the bell sounds. 10-9 Carter again.

R3: Van De Creek barrels into range sloppily but still manages to score a takedown early in the round. Carter controls posture well but Van De Creek slips into side control and this time transitions to Carter's back when he tries to sweep. Carter rolls onto his back and Van De Creek postures up with heavy punches in full mount. Van De Creek slides off for a loose armbar that Carter easily defends; they end up in north-south with Carter on top. Side control now and we're back to short forearms.

Carter sits up in mount and rains down a series of right hands. Van De Creek doesn't like it and gives up his back, then doesn't like the rear-naked choke attempt either and rolls back into mount. 10-9 Carter, giving him a clean sweep on my card.

The judges see it 30-27 for Wayman Carter, who defeats Gregg Van De Creek by unanimous decision.

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