Karo Parisyan Ready To 'Shut A Lot Of F***ing Mouths Up' At ShoFIGHT

via shofight.com

Despite the relative youth of mixed martial arts, it's not hard to feel like certain things in the sport were ages ago. Karo Parisyan's time as one of the can't miss stars for the future of the sport. While we've seen judo rolled in to the all around MMA attack, Karo was one of the first (and best) to blend the judo attack into his MMA game.

Personal demons and some flaws as a fighter held Karo back from getting to that next tier status, but he tells LFPress.com that he's ready to prove his critics wrong at ShoFIGHT tomorrow night when he takes on John Gunderson for the promotion's welterweight title:

"I would love to shut a lot of people up. Shut a lot of f---ing mouths up because there are a lot of idiots," Parisyan told QMI Agency over the phone. "A lot of people like to judge and talk. I hate to f---ing hear it, man. If you're not in my life, in my shoes or in my sport, don't be such an easy critic and judge me.

"It doesn't mean anything to me, but it does add a little bit of fuel to the fire. I take that into the cage, display it and leave it in the cage. It's an up-and-down battle, this soap-opera sport we have."

The full fight card for the night's action is after the jump and features some good fights like Parisyan vs. Gunderson, Derek Brunson vs. Kendall Grove for the middleweight title, Lyle Beerbohm vs. Marcus Aurelio and more.

The show will air live on The Fight Network in Canada with a delayed online PPV option for American audiences but, unfortunately, no live option.

Full ShoFIGHT card as provided by the promotion:

Main Card

Main Event - ShoFIGHT Welterweight Championship
14. John ‘Guns' Gunderson (UFC Vet) vs. Karo ‘the Heat' Parisyan (UFC Vet)

Co-Main Event - ShoFIGHT Middleweight Championship
13. Derek Brunson (Strikeforce Vet) vs. Kendall ‘the Spyder' Grove (UFC Vet)

12. Lyle ‘Fancy Pants' Beerbohm (Strikeforce Vet) vs. Marcus ‘Maximus' Aurelio (UFC Vet) - 165lbs

11. Matt Kovaks (Strikeforce Vet) vs. Mike Wessell (UFC Vet) - Heavyweight

10. Jonatas Noveas (Strikeforce Vet) vs. Drew Fickett (UFC Vet) - 160bs

9. Chris ‘Gritz' Gruetzmacher (Strikeforce Vet) vs. Roli Delgado (UFC Vet) - 145lbs

8. Lucas Lopes (Strikeforce Vet) vs. ‘Smilin' Sam Alvey (Bellator Vet) - 185lbs

7. Chris ‘Crazyman' McDaniel (KOTC Vet) vs. Charles ‘Kid Kaos' Bennett (PRIDE Vet) - 150lbs

6. James ‘JP' Reese (Strikeforce Vet) vs. Sevak Magakian (UFC Vet) - 155lbs

5. Alan Gibson vs. Dustin Phillips (Bellator Vet) - 145lbs


4. Mike Brazzle vs. Karen Darabedyan (WEC Vet) - 170lbs

3. Lucas ‘the Hillbilly Lightstorm' Overcast vs. Matt ‘Luke Duke' Lucas (UFC vet) - 205lbs

2. Rabert Saborudden vs. Jacob ‘Straight Jacket' Ritchie - 125lb

1. Jason Ignacek vs. Gary Michaels - 135lbs

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