UFC 150 Jake Shields Interview

UFC 150 is set up to be a great PPV here in the Mile High City at the Pepsi Center. The press conference was June 12, 2012 at Pepsi Center. It was a great event the main event is Henderson / Edgar 2 for the Lightweight Championship. The Co-main event is Jake Shields vs Ed Herman. Here is what Jake Shields had to say about his up coming fight.

By: Kyle Cluff

twitter :@kylecluff

Cluff: Is the fight between you and Ed Herman set or is it just a verbal agreement?

Shields: As far as this point is I thinks a for sure thing I signed my contract, and as long as he signed his agreement it’s a done deal.

Cluff : Have you been training any different for up coming fight against Ed Herman who is coming of 2 submission wins in the octagon?

Shields: Right now with the early training for my fight I haven’t really had a chance to watch his videos and break them down. I’m just trying to keep up with my regular training doing a lot of wrestling, and lifting weights. In the next couple of weeks am going to start watching videos on his fights. When I train I try to just get myself better not so much watching my opponent.

Cluff: What made you want to become an MMA fighter?

Shields: It was by accident, when I was young I started watching the old UFC with my dad and it was awesome but I never really thought about doing it. I would watch Royce Gracie, Mark Coleman, and Mark Kerr. I started fighting in College I ran into Chuck Liddell before he was famous he had fought in the UFC but he wasn’t as famous as he is now. I started training with him a bit and messing around. I got addicted and was fighting for fun and it slowly turned into a career.

Cluff: How was the transition from Elite XC, Strikeforce to the UFC, did you have to adjust to anything?

Shields: Yeah, it wasn’t too hard to adjust but I had my weight cut my first fight. I had fought on a lot of big shows of course UFC is the best and always will be , I fought on CBS and other promotions and fought the top fighters that are now in the UFC .But it really wasn’t that big of a change.

Cluff: Is their a super fight you would like to see in the UFC?

Shields: I would like to see Anderson Silva / GSP of course who can be John Jones would be a good one. It should be a good fight between Hendo and John Jones.

Cluff: What’s been your most unforgettable moment of you MMA career?

Shields: There has been a lot but I would have to say beating Hendo in Strikeforce that was my last fight in that promotion. The fight with Sakurai back in Japan was a good one, it was the first time I had beaten a ranked fighter and he was ranked 2nd in the world. The fight against GSP was a good one even though I lost that fight it was the largest crowd of all time that was quite a moment.

Cluff: With the UFC on FX, Fox and Fuel do you think that’s good or bad for the sport?

Shields: It’s a little bit of both each show loses value. I remember before when UFC was on once a month or 2 months theirs a show. We would all be excited because we hardly ever got it . It gives us a lot more options to watch plus there is so many fighters we gotten keep busy. So I think over all its good for the sport just like basketball, baseball, football that’s on all the time so there is no reason we can’t have MMA on a couple times a month.

Cluff: Do you still train with either of the Diaz brothers? Did Nate really retire or was it show?

Shields: I trained with them a long time, I haven’t trained with Nick in a couple weeks but trained with Nate a few days ago and have been since his retirement. I don’t think it was just for show I know he was getting burnt out and needed time away. I think that he will eventually start to miss the sport. I would like to see him fight again he as one of my favorite fighters to watch.

Cluff: When you’re away from training what do you do when not focused on a fight?

Shields: My life is so involved around training I pretty much train everyday. I travel all the time its usually do seminars or expos. If it’s a new town and I have time off I usually go walk around and wander around town or enjoy the country.

Cluff: Do you change your preparation for a night of a fight or do you keep it consistent?

Shields: I repeat it and I like to stay relaxed and not overstressed, and get ready for the fight.

Cluff: If you could have a rematch against anyone who would it be?

Shields: GSP because he is one of the best fighters and Jake Ellenberger because I made some stupid mistakes and I feel like I can win.

Cluff: When you’re working out or training do you listen to any specific genre of music or do you listen to whatever is on at the gym?

Shields: Yeah, I just listen to whatever is on when training I don’t think too much about music. If running then I choose what to workout too but normally just what’s on at the gym.

Cluff: Do you know of any fighters that have diabetes?

Shields I don’t know fighters, but I know that some guys I train with do Jiu Jitsu and train. They have to manage their sugars or what not but they seem fine.

Cluff : Is their anything you want to add to this interview before we finish up?

Shields: Yeah keep watching and supporting the sport and tune in to UFC 150 August 11th.

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