Timothy Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao and the Worst Decisions in Boxing History

Well, really hate to write something like this on the sport I love so much but, its a part of the sport and always has been. I will say this as someone who does judge boxing (amateur) sitting there you do hear and see things that no one else sea's. Still I don't know how Bradley can be given that fight.

So after the jump I will talk about some of the worst decisions in major fights in boxings history.

Joe Louis vs Jersey Joe Walcott - Joe Louis is the greatest Heavyweight Champion ever ( 25 defenses and 12 year reign). Still that doesn't mean he didn't get a gift decision late in his career. Louis quickly found out Walcott was all wrong for him as Walcott's shifty side to side head movement mixed with his timed counters caught Louis all night. Louis was dropped twice in the fight yet somehow Joe Louis was given the decision after 15 rounds. In the rematch, things were going the same, when Walcott started to showboat in front of Louis and Joe cracked him with one of the sickest combinations in the history of the sport.

Joe Louis vs Jersey Joe Walcott I (via TheGreatA)

Muhammad Ali vs Jimmy Young - it's sad, Jimmy Young, a man that knocked out George Foreman and beat Muhammad Ali (not on the scorecards of course) never got his recognition. Simply out, Young outboxed an old and out of shape Muhammad Ali only to be robbed by the judges. There were a lot of questionable decisions going in li's favor leading up to his stunning loss to Leon Spinks, Ernie Shavers comes to mind, but Jimmy Young got the shaft the hardest imo.

Pernell Whitaker vs Julio Cesar Chavez - very rarely in boxing do you have the two best pound for pound fighters floating around the same weight division. Thats exactly what happened when Julio Cesar Chavez was the pound for pound king and Pernell Whitaker was the #2 respectfully. That was all changed the instant the two fought. It was clear Whitaker was the better fighter as he beat Chavez to the punch, outlander him 3 to 1 and even dished back the low blows when Chavez got dirty. It was so bad that they put Chavez little 7 year old son into his corner pleading with him to knock out Whitaker for his family. It was all a wrap, only thing left was the decision. Then it happened. A Draw and Don King slimed into the ring with a huge smile. It was disgusting, Whitaker just smiled that "aww shucks" smile and swatted his hand at the air. It was pathetic.

Whitaker vs. Chavez - Part Two (via southpawjab)

George Foreman vs Shannon Briggs - Seriously, I just don't get it, it was a lot like the Pac-Bradley fight, Foreman had just received a gift decision over Axel Shultz then he defended his heavyweight title against Shannon Briggs. In the fight, Foreman absolutely dominated Briggs, an impressive feat for an old man battling a tough, young heavyweight title challenger. Some how the judges saw the fight in Briggs favor, proving what a class act he was, Foreman didn't protest the loss, congratulated Briggs and told him to use the opportunity he had just won to turn his life around and better himself (Briggs had learned to box while in prison). A senate hearing or congressional inquiry was held one of the two. Thats how bad the scoring was. George easily won 7 of the first 10 rounds.

Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis 1 - Both fights were marred in controversy but the first one was the worst of the two. In a fight where it seemed totally apparent to everyone watching the fight, Lennox Lewis had just outpointed Evander Holyfield, then they announced the fight a draw. Lewis would win a close rematch in a fight that most thought Holyfield won. Still this was a big black eye for boxing. It was the fight to unify the titles and determine who the best heavyweight was (Tyson had been vanquished by Holyfield). Instead of getting it right, they got it so wrong. It was later proved that Eugenia Williams (who had been appointed a judge by the IBF) had been paid 750,000 to score the bout for Holyfield.

She scored this round (5) for Holyfield. SERIOUSLY

Lennox Lewis Vs Evander Holfield 1 (Round 5) (via calk911)

Oscar De La Hoya vs Felix Trinidad - It was supposed to be the fight that would settle the debate. Who was the best boxer in the welterweight division. Was it the undefeated DLH or the undefeated Trinidad. In the fight Oscar would surprisingly give Trinidad a boxing lesson before coasting the last 3 rounds. By giving away the last 3 rounds Oscar lost the fight. One judge even changed his scorecard and gave Oscar the last round, a round he clearly lost, in order to make the fight a draw. THe theory is that early on, judges gave Trinidad a few charity rounds, then Oscar ran and screwed himself in the end.

De La Hoya VS Trinidad "Mega Highlight" (via TboneNYC10)

De La Hoya vs Shane Mosley 2, Ali Funeka vs Joan Guzman, Holyfield vs Valuev and Casamayor vs Cruz come to mind but were not on the elel of what we saw tonight.

In the fight tonight, I think that Bradley was given the first 2 rounds and Pac gave him the last 3 rounds. Somewhere in between they gave Bradley 2 rounds, I disagree with their cards, but that as what I think happened

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