TUF Live Finale: Results And Play-By-Play For FX Main Card

TUF Live: Team Cruz vs. Team Faber Poster by Anton Tabuena

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale. Our live coverage will start with the fights on the Fuel TV prelims (7 p.m. ET) through the main card on FX (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the main card on FX.

The evening's true main event sees Martin Kampmann take on Jake Ellenberger in a great welterweight match-up. The Ultimate Fighter final bout between Michael Chiesa and Al Iaquinta will bring a rather uninspired season to a close. Jonathan Brookins and Charles Oliveira meet on the card in a fight that's being overlooked by many. Max Holloway and Pat Schilling will meet in a featherweight bout. Exciting TUF competitor Justin Lawrence takes on John Cofer in the FX opening bout.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down.

Justin Lawrence vs. John Cofer - Round 1 - Lawrence with a kick to the body and Cofer with a quick takedown. Lawrence stands up, catches a Cofer kick and takes HIM down now. Now Lawrence stands back up. Left hand by Coer and another hard left that sends Lawrence stumbling. Let hand by Lawrence, but Cofer lands an uppercut now. Nice right by Lawrence. Cofer comes forward and lands a few punches again. Lawrence with some nice short punches including a short left hook. Hard two punch combo by Lawrence and a really nice left hand follow. 10-9 Lawrence.

Round 2 - Double left hand by Lawrence and he has figured out that the left is landing over and over. Cofer looks for a takedown and can't get it. They're getting in to a lot of exchanges and Lawrence is by far getting the better of it. Cofer is eating a lot of punches and taking them pretty well. Lawrence throws a spinning kick and Cofer steps inside and takes his back standing, slams him to the ground and has the back. He's looking to lock in a choke. Lawrence manages to slide out. 10-9 Lawrence.

Round 3 - Four early punches by Lawrence. HUGE HEAD KICK AND COFER IS OUT! WHOA! Justin Lawrence wins by KO (head kick), round 3.

Pat Schilling vs. Max Holloway - Round 1 - Holloway with a head kick that is blocked and Schilling trying to come in with a wild punch. Schilling really pushing for a single leg, good defense by Holloway and now Schilling tries for a double, then back to the single and gets a takedown for half a second before Holloway bounces up. Body kick by Holloway. Holloway doing a good job keeping it standing and he's tacking Schilling a bit now. Nice body shot by Holloway and another. That body work is hurting Shilling badly. Head kick by Holloway and Schilling is basically walking around getting punched and kicked now. Another combo and it ends with a body shot and that one hurt Schilling badly. Head kick by Holloway and a flying knee that misses. Schilling looks for a kneebar but can't finish it as the round ends. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 2 - Another nice flurry a few minutes in and Schilling is hurt and drops. Holloway can't finish but now he flurries hard again and Schilling is just taking a horrible beating. He's game but he's collapsing after body shots, he's getting beat up to the head also. 10-8 Holloway.

Round 3 - Schilling is certainly still game but he keeps getting hit to the body and looks like he wants to quit. Schilling doesn't have anything left to try to get takedowns. Big flurry by Holloway and Schilling goes down, Holloway can't finish as he doesn't want to go to the ground, so Schilling is standing and getting beat up some more. This is a really horrific level of punishment here. It's finally over. 10-9 Holloway for a 30-26 in my eyes.

Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board. Max Holloway wins by unanimous decision.

Charles Oliveira vs. Jonathan Brookins - Round 1 - Oliveira with a leg kick to get it started. And again. Brookins with a nice punching combination that lands well. They clinch and Brookins works knees to the body but Oliveira gets out, kicks to the body and now a hard right hand. Knee by Oliveira but Brookins catches him and takes him down hard. Oliveira looking for an arm, can't get it though. Brookins asks for him to stand back up. Nice Oliveira punch lands. Hard right hand by Oliveira hurts Brookins. Nice left hand by Brookins and Oliveira answers with a leg kick and now a hard flurry of punches that has Brookins going backward. Now Brookins fires back with some hard shots. 10-9 Oliveira rounds.

Round 2 - Oliveira doing good work early before looking for a takedown but Brookins responds by locking in a guillotine. Oliveira with a slam and it doesn't free the neck, but he does a second later. Now a few elbows and he's looking for a guillotine and Brookins has to tap. Very good showing for Oliveira. Charles Oliveira wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 2.

Al Iaquinta vs. Michael Chiesa - Round 1 - Iaquinta is looking to land a big right hand and Chiesa lands a right of his own. Now Iaquinta with a nice flurry. Chiesa gets a takedown but can't keep him there. Chiesa with a kick to the body. Chiesa with a body lock and he takes the back standing. Chiesa drags him to the mat and has the back with two hooks. The choke is in after a bit of hand fighting. Iaquinta won't tap out, so he will go to sleep! Michael Chiesa wins The Ultimate Fighter. What a phenomenal story, the man whose dad died while he was in the house pulls off an amazing run to win The Ultimate Fighter, putting a stamp on his achievement by putting Al Iaquinta to sleep with a rear naked choke. Michael Chiesa wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 1.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Martin Kampmann - Round 1 - Huge left hook early by Ellenberger and Kampmann drops! Ellenberger is trying to fire away with big shots but he is missing the majority of them. Kampmann is well recovered now and Ellenberger is just kind of holding on to him. Now Ellenberger sits up, throws a few punches and holds on again. Ellenberger doing so little that he's just allowed Kampmann to work to set up a guillotine. Ellenberger is safe from the choke and they go to standing up. Kampmann going for a takedown of his own and the round ends. 10-9 Ellenberger.

Round 2 - Counter punch by Kampmann and now Ellenberger is landing big shots and Kampmann is on the retreat and bleeding badly. Right hand rocks Jake and his legs are wobbled. Big knees in the clinch by Kampmann and Ellenberger drops, and covers up, clearly not wanting any more and the fight is stopped. Wow, great comeback. Martin Kampmann wins by TKO, round 2.

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