TUF Live Finale: Live Results And Play-By-Play For Fuel TV Undercard

TUF Live: Team Cruz vs. Team Faber Poster by Anton Tabuena

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale. Our live coverage will start with the fights on the Fuel TV prelims (7 p.m. ET) through the main card on FX (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.

This post will cover live results and thoughts for the preliminary card.

One of the top talents coming into this season was Daron Cruickshank, he didn't make it to the finals, but does get in the "featured prelim" spot against season "bad boy" Chris Tickle. Myles Jury will square off with fellow season contestant Chris Saunders. Cristiano Marcello takes on Sam Sicilia and Jeremy Larsen faces Joe Proctor also on the undercard. Finally, bantamweights John Albert and Erik Perez will clash in the card opener.

Make sure to come back during the event and share your thoughts as the event goes down. As a courtesy to other readers, we do ask that you refrain from posting gifs or pictures in the comment thread to prevent excessive load time.

Update: Looks like one fight is on Facebook, which I forgot about. Starts at 6:25 p.m. ET.

John Albert vs. Erik Perez - Round 1 - Leg kick by Albert, Perez misses one in return. Perez with some knees in the clinch and Albert is pushing in trying for a takedown, grabs a single leg. Perez down breifly and as he stands, Albert takes his back. Perez shakes him off and gets on top on the ground only to have Albert quickly lock on a triangle. Perez trying to punch to get out of the choke but Albert is keeping it locked in. Perez is refusing to tap and is landing a lot of punches and hammerfists. Albert tries to switch to an armbar, Perez defends and locks in an armbar of his own! Albert doesn't tap out but Kim Winslow steps in and stops the bout. What a very strange ending. He didn't yell, he didn't tap, he didn't verbally submit. Horrible stoppage. Erik Perez wins by technical submission (ref stoppage - armbar), 4:18 of round 1.

Joe Proctor vs. Jeremy Larsen - Round 1 - Larsen was briefly pushed to the cage but circled off. Body shot, right hand by Larsen. Short uppercut by Proctor. Larsen with a nice combination now and Proctor answers with one of his own. Big knee out of nowhere by Proctor and Larsen goes down, hammerfist follow-ups and it's over. Larsen tried to get up and complain but his legs were gone and he fell back to the mat. Joe Proctor wins by TKO (knee and hammerfists), 1:59 of round 1.

Cristiano Marcello vs. Sam Sicilia - Round 1 - Marcello going straight backward still, same thing that got him in trouble during the season. Marcello does land a haymaker and then tries for a takedown but can't get it. Marcello landing nice punches again but Sicilia with some heavy shots. Marcello is losing the stand-up pretty clearly now and he tries to pull guard, to no real effect. This fight is garbage. 10-9 Sicilia.

Round 2 - Sloppy haymakers again. Marcello lands a flurry, then gets reckless and gets tagged by Sicilia. Marcello fails on another takedown attempt. Finally a huge haymaker lands for Sicilia and now follow up punches and a knee and now he is on top firing away and it's all over. Sam Sicilia wins by TKO (punches), 2:53 of round 2.

Myles Jury vs. Chris Saunders - Round 1 - Left hand by Saunders about 1:20 in is the first meaningful shot of the round. Jury takes an eye poke after Saunders pushes out an open hand. Nice hard right hand by Jury and he's been working a lot of leg kicks. Another hard right. Knee to the body by Jury and Saunders catches it and takes him down. Jury looking to lock in a guillotine now. Jury squeezes hard and Saunders can't get free and is forced to tap out. Myles Jury wins by submission (guillotine choke), round 1.

Daron Cruickshank vs. Chris Tickle - Round 1 - Cruickshank looks or a quick takedown and Tickle locks up a guillotine choke and it looks fairly deep, but Daron is able to stay calm and work past it. Cruickshank does a little ground and pound, Tickle gets up and Cruickshank flurries hard and hits a very nice inside trip to end up back on top. Tickle with an illegal upkick now and he suffers a point deduction. For some reason they're restarted on the feet and Tickle tries to flurry hard but nothing really gets through. Another very good inside trip by Cruickshank avenges the injustice of Tickle getting to restart on the feet for a foul. Nice elbows by Cruickshank now. He closes out the round with more hard elbows. 10-8 (due to the point deduction) for Cruickshank.

Round 2 - Good leg kick by Cruickshank. Tickle tries to flurry, Cruickshank looks for a takedown, Tickle tries for some sort of anaconda choke, can't get it and now Cruickshank is back on top grinding away with punches and elbows again. Hard kick by Cruickshank and Tickle taunts him, Now Tickle lands a hard right and Cruickshank is on his back (but not out). Cruickshank not really giving much space to work. Now Tickel landing some shots from on top. Not much happens at the end. 10-9 Tickle I guess?

Round 3 - Tickle reverses the inside trip finally and now he is on top in half guard. Not a log of work done and Tickle tries to take the back as Cruickshank stands up. Cruickshank shrugs him off and is on top now landing shots. Tickle stands up and gets taken right back down by that trip and Cruickshank is on top in full mount landing elbows. Tickle manages to reverse and get a single leg to get on top and Cruickshank is looking to lock up a choke. Side control for Tickle now. Nice roll by Cruickshank to get back on top as the round ends. 10-9 Cruickshank makes it 29-27 on my card for Daron.

Official Scorecards: 29-27 across the board. Daron Cruickshank wins by unanimous decision.

SBN coverage of The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale

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