Are you thinking about training in BJJ?????`

Yes there a lot of detractors from this type of post. If you already train or don't have any questions skip this. This is from a guy that just started BJJ last month and can provide a Noob's thoughts on things ...It's a long read yes again but take a look.

So this is my newest update, duh I guess but whatever. I finally made the commitment (sort of). The hardest part about doing Jiu Jitsu is walking in that door the first time. I kid you not, walking through that door and going the first time is going to be the HARDEST thing you’ve ever done. Be it because you’re nervous about things because it’s new to you or that you’ve never done a sport that only depends on you. For those of you that didn’t read my long ass post before I had the opportunity to train in So Cal amongst legends and I never did. Biggest regret in my life. If you have the opportunity just go.

My first day sucked I’m not going to lie, warmups started and I had to do things (like bear crawls) that I’ve never done in my life and I’m a fat 30 year old dude. I was in shape at one point in life but I’m not now, I’m fat and completely out of shape. So yeah warm ups sucked ass I was working muscles that I haven’t worked in years. After that came techniques, which required some workout no lie there but were much easier to handle, granted I was still gassed like Mark Coleman and Shogun combined but I managed to get through them.

Fast forward I’ve been to about 7 classes now, yes I understand that’s not a lot. I’m posting this for guys/gals that are toying with the idea of joining a gym. The last class I went to I was completely gassed out for warmups (get the feeling I hate warmups yet?) but during warm ups they had us shrimping across the mat and I was gassed, to my surprise everyone waited for me and cheered me on when I made it across the mat. At first I felt bad for making everyone wait, but soon came to realize we’re all on the same team and that all they wanted was to see me make the effort and succeed.

So this is basically the same thing every class, I suck during warm ups but get encouraging thoughts from a lot of people. Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that crap. I didn’t walk in thinking I’d be a blue belt any time soon and I really don’t pick up things very quickly I have no problem admitting that but I’m still having fun working things the tips I’ve heard here and from my best friend who happens to be a purple belt under Fabio Santos (with Renato Tevarez blessing) and I’m having fun making the best out of things. The best thing is to set little tiny goals for yourself, I was actually lucky enough to pass my training partner's guard and lock hit leg down. It's the little small victories that keep you going. Was I going to submit my buddy? NO but he told me afterwards he was impressed with my progression and that means something.

Again I’m in horrible shape and I loathe the warmups every day but if I get too gassed or too muscle spent I take a break and don’t do things. I sit out and wait, there’s no need to pass out trying to do something I can’t do. The best advice I heard is that keep in mind this is a business and they are going to want you to come back. The best piece of advice I can offer is get to the point you want to quit and then do 5-10 minutes more. I’ve done this every time and I always appreciate it. Push yourself but don’t’ push yourself too much. If you get injured take a break but don’t let it rule you.

So yeah I’m a white belt that’s only been to about 7 classes but I know what it’s like to try and walk through that door the first day…..again it’s the hardest thing to do. I can’t answer advanced questions for you but I can answer stuff about getting in to BJJ as I just started.

If you’re so inclined check up on my “journey” to BJJ and maybe you have a similar story.

Another great read is mollcutpurse ‘s entry in to things in her trip to Brasil.

Again if you’re even thinking just a little bit about it…DO IT! Oh and as a Roganite, try the Shroomtech's worked wonders for me. If you want to ask some noob questions and dont' want a blue/purple/brown belt's answer I'm here again this is coming from a dude that should have been doing BJJ years ago but I didn't.

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