The BE Fantasy Baseball One Month and Change Update Post

Cory, why the hell are you making a post now? The season is only 6 weeks old, why would you post about it now? Well, I have one very good reason, and it has nothing to do with me winning the league so far (I'm not). See, my good old friend, the dean of mean, the earl of pearl... well...


One, grats to Ben - AKA Brocklesaurus Rex, but that isn't even the big picture here. See that bottom half of the little achievements section? Yea, that'd be the only person left in our 10-man league who hasn't done anything of note. Like, these are the trophies they give the disabled for participating in the 30-meter jog. And he's gotten zero. Here's a sampling of some of these medals, by the way.

- Post a comment on the message board (yes, I'm goddamned serious, he hasn't even managed to do this yet).
- Have a starter pitch a shutout. This means that of his 5 or however many starters he has, through about 6 games each, not a one of them has been good enough to pitch a shutout. There have been 52 shutouts this year already, and no one that Earl drafted has been halfway decent enough to get one.
- Get two saves in the same day. That's how bad his relief pitching is, too.

In any event, take heart, dear reader. Our good friend Earl is only tied for last place, flailing around in the basement, tied with the unknown Thomas, the leader of the aptly named NJ Cubs.

For the record, the standings so far:
1. Brocklesaurus Rex 28-20-2 .580
2. Crushville Fistbombs 27-22-1 .550
3. Fuck the Angels 26-22-2 .540
4. Starbury Fan Club 24-20-6 .540
5. Fagan's Ghost 24-21-5 .530
6. Leonard Garcia's AVG 24-22-4 .520
7. BrothersGottaAndyHug 25-24-1 .510
8. Phildo's Phriends 21-24-5 .470
9. The Deans Of Mean 16-28-6 .380
10. NJ Cubs 17-29-4 .380

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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