Today was not my first BJJ class

I am not sure how many members there are on this community, but it seems that every time I go to BE I see a fanpost about someone's first day of BJJ,

Here is the story of years of training and what is on the other side for you all just getting started in BJJ. After more then a decade of training I want to help newcomers to the sport realize the truth about BJJ.

I wake up daily with back pain on a daily basis, this is a consequence of the addiction of grappling. I remember the good old days where BJJ was underground. I am glad to see it grow but I am intrigued by who so many people feel the need to post about the first day or first month as it is pretty much all the same: you get your butt kicked.

This post is to my new brethren training BJJ before you start a fanpost about your first day just read these rules, and you will be in for a much more favorable experience.

1. Don't Complain: The path to training involves getting your ass handed to you a thousands of times through the years. Just remember it all comes with time. The most dangerous people in class are new white belts, strong white belts are the worst. That leads us to rule number

2. Do not use strength over technique, you might beat a few people with brute strength that are smaller then you, if you make a habit of this you will get your ass handed to you when you roll with a guy your own size who uses technique.

3. Respect the higher belts: See rules 1 and 2.

4. Belts come when they come, if your the guy that shows up late and leaves early it will take you longer to get promoted. If you are training once a week it will take a long time. Consistency and dedication to improving your game should be your only focus, a belt is simply a recognition of the skills you have acquired by spending thousands of hours on the tatame. If you are training to brag about your belt, join a TKD academy, there you can be a black belt in a year.

5. Treat your training partners with respect, if you know you have the sub let it go before you hurt them. If you don't have people to train with because they are all injured, your success will be hindered as you need a variety of body types to train with.

These are the 5 most important tips I could think of, ask any questions in the thread below and I am happy to answer them.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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