Bloody Elbow News Roundup - Brazilians Don't Like Chael Sonnen, Tim Kennedy Goofs Around

Pat Barry clowning around with Lavar Johnson after their UFC on Fox 3 bout. Image via HD's twitter

There's a lot happening in the world of MMA, and Bloody Elbow prides itself on being your one-stop news source for everything that's going on in the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, and everywhere else. There's only so much time in the day though, and some stuff slips through the cracks. This new daily feature is an attempt to fill those cracks, will keep you up to date on all the little news you might have missed otherwise. Here we go.

Chris Lytle is running for state senate in Indiana on Tuesday (via Sports Illustrated). Lytle was always a class act. I know jack squat about American politics, particularly in Indiana, but I wish him the best.

A recap of episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil (spoiler - the annoying guy got his arm broken!), and the TUF Live ratings are in via MMA Weekly (spoiler - they're not very good!).

The UFC signed an 11-3 Roufusport bantamweight named Chico Camus (via MMA Mania). Here's an interview with him (via Cage Fanatic).

I don't exactly know what this guy is saying, other than "kill" in Portuguese, but apparently he really, really doesn't like Chael Sonnen (via Middle Easy). Burke edit - He's a comedian according to a couple of comments:

After the jump, catch up on some Rickson Gracie news, watch Tim Kennedy camps it up in the name of comedy, and see Jeremy Stephens discuss his UFC on Fuel 3 bout with Donald Cerrone. He also talks about an odd incident with Tony Ferguson.

I know you're all excited for some Rickson Gracie news. No, he's not going to fight. But he did get his license suspended and fined for skipping a breathalyzer test (translation of the UOL article via BE's favorite Brazilian Orcus):

"Fighter Rickson Gracie was stopped by officers in a blitz early Saturday morning (05/05/12), in the Lucio Costa Avenue, in the Recreio dos Bandeirantes. The fighter refused to take a breathalyzer test and has suffered the following administrative sanctions: Driver's license taken away along with a fine of R$957.70 (about 500 USD) and has also lost 7 points in his driver's license. The infraction is considered to be very serious. Rickson's car has been released after an enabled driver had been presented."

For those wondering (we did), a blitz is a checkpoint or roadblock.

Jeremy Stephens' interview with MMA Interviews is next. It's pretty much standard fare until the 2:43 mark, when he tells a story about Tony Ferguson training with him and them having an altercation later. It's definitely the first time I've heard the term "powerhousing some bruisedown brews down (I'm not so smart sometimes)". Yes, he really said that. Check it:

Last but not least, Tim Kennedy and the RangerUp guys are at it again. I don't know if you saw Kennedy performing a scene from Black Swan last week (it's as creepy as it sounds, believe me), but they've followed it up this week with another video. Basically, Kennedy has a band that follows him around at all times. I want to use the word funny, but that might be a stretch. Oddly amusing might be the best way to describe it. Here you go:

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