UFC On Fox 3: Diaz Vs. Miller Live Results For Fuel TV And Facebook Fights

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Join me this afternoon on Bloody Elbow for live results, play-by-play and discussion of the Fuel TV and Facebook preliminary matches for UFC on Fox 3. The Facebook stream starts at 4:00 p.m. ET and features featherweights Roland Delorme vs. Nick Denis and middleweights Mike Massenzio vs. Karlos Vemola.

Then we'll make the switch to Fuel TV at 5:00 p.m. ET, where a half-dozen contests (listed below) will lead into the show's main card on the Fox Network at 8:00 p.m ET. The centerpiece of the main is a lightweight scrap between Jim Miller and Nate Diaz, which is complemented by welterweights Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks, middleweights Rousimar Palhares vs. Alan Belcher and heavyweights Pat Barry vs. Lavar Johnson.

Fuel TV Card

Anthony Ferguson vs Michael Johnson (lightweight)
John Dodson vs Tim Elliott (flyweight)
Pascal Krauss vs John Hathaway (welterweight)
Danny Castillo vs John Cholish (lightweight)
Dennis Bermudez vs Pablo Garza (featherweight)
Louis Gaudinot vs John Lineker (flyweight)

SBN coverage of UFC on Fox 3

The Fuel TV broadcast is on deck. More results beyond the jump. Main card play-by-play is here.

Anthony Ferguson vs. Michael Johnson

R1: Johnson feels things out with an inside low kick, then another. Ferguson checks the third and throws a front kick. Inside low kick and straight left combo from Johnson. Ferguson freezes him with a long straight right. Ferguson looking to counter on Johnson's flurry but neither have connected flush ... until Johnson scores a quick knockdown with a straight left. Ferguson is right back up and firing heaters to back Johnson up. More inside low kicks from Johnson, who is slipping into the driver's seat with his varied activity.

Johnson protecting himself well when striking and Ferguson's reactions can't get through. Double left roundhouse kicks to Ferguson's ribs. Ferguson finally gets off with a body kick and punching sequence at the bell, but it's not enough. 10-9 Johnson for the more effective striking.

R2: Johnson goes right back to the body with his left kick. Ferguson swiping with a wide left hook or uppercut, neither sighted in properly. Ferguson again throwing half-hearted counters while Johnson flurries quicker. Straight right gets through for Ferguson, then an inside leg kick and an uppercut. Double left roundhouse kick sequence from Johnson again. Crowd becoming unhappy with the slower paced chess match.

Ferguson scores an inside kick but has his head snapped back from Johnson's straight left. Ferguson seems oddly complacent for being such a violent finisher in the past, perhaps on account of Johnson's speed. Johnson slips a punch and plants a counter. Ferguson connects on his uppercut when Johnson ducks his head. Ferguson's spinning back fist at the bell is a no-go. 10-9 Johnson.

R3: Ferguson opens up with a 5-punch combo and inside leg kick. Johnson twice catches Ferguson's kick and throws a straight left. No sense of urgency from Ferguson.

Apologies folks, but my browser froze up for most of the third round. Now awaiting the announcement for the decision.

All three judges have it 30-27 for Michael Johnson, who defeats Tony Ferguson by unanimous decision.

John Dodson vs. Tim Elliott

R1: Keith Peterson oversees the second flyweight contest of the night. Jumping side kick from Elliott, then a spinning back kick and a ... yes, a tornado kick. Elliott ducks a Dodson high kick and almost gets a takedown. Side kick again from Elliott. Sharp spearing knee from Dodson, who can't get the takedown but cracks Elliott with a knee on the break. Quick jab from Dodson, though he's not moving his head and eating counters. Wild overhand left from Elliott whiffs, as does a front kick.

Liver shot by Dodson, who catches an Elliott kick and scores a takedown. Elliott gets up and evades the knee this time. Right hook, left straight grazes from Elliott. Elliott slowing in punching speed and activity while Dodson starts to dictate. An unintentional eye poke brings a halt to the action and the docs are checking out Elliott. We restart with just less than a minute left. Smoking 5-punch combo from Dodson, landing a few. Triple jab from Dodson, then a well-timed jumping knee at the horn. Close, but 10-9 Dodson.

R2: Elliott's eye looking rough to start the middle frame. Handstand Capoeira kick from Elliott misses, but the crowd cheers his effort. Jumping roundhouse by Dodson, then a stiff combination and a body kick. Dodson double jabs and follows with a left body kick. He adds a left hook onto the next double jab. Dodson keying off his jab well now, tacking on hooks and kicks after doubling and tripling it up.

Dodson in full control now and dictating exchanges while landing more often. Two sets of triple jabs from Dodson. Elliott breaks into a sprint chasing Dodson down for a takedown, but Dodson side-steps, front rolls and circles away from the onslaught. A wide array of technique on display. Elliott has to pause for another foul, this time an errant shot to the cup. Dodson gets deep on a textbook double and puts Elliott down, but he's admirably back up to his feet and swinging leather. Tremendous heart and resilience from Elliott, but he's getting out-struck. 10-9 Dodson.

R3: Inside leg kick and quick combos from Dodson, who may have injured his left hand. Dodson's pace has slowed and he's pulling his left hand back on punches. Elliott senses it and closes range but Dodson switches to elbows to stave him off. Dodson moving backward now. Elliott aggressive with punches without the threat of Dodson's counter left.

Body kick from Dodson lands. All right hooks and body kicks from Dodson to keep Elliott at bay. Now a low kick, another, then a third to the body. Elliott commits to a takedown then tags Dodson when he defends. Elliott pours on punches after catching Dodson's next two kicks. Constant pressure from Elliott to close the fight. 10-9 Elliott (29-28 Dodson on my card).

The judges see it the same. John Dodson defeats Tim Elliott by unanimous decision.

John Hathaway vs. Pascal Krauss

R1: Long triple jab from Hathaway to open, then two short left hooks. Wow ... a step in right hook to right back elbow combo from Hathaway. Creative. Leaping horizontal left elbow from Hathaway. Hathaway fakes a punch and tries to drop levels for a shot, Krauss circles out of it. Overhand right from Hathaway, who then cracks Krauss with an upward knee while he's shooting. Krauss drops and Hathaway is all over him, but Krauss recovers and controls his posture.

Hathaway lets him stand to attack with a jumping roundhouse kick. Hathaway all full of piss and vinegar tonight. He nearly connects with another knee but Krauss catches his momentum and takes him down. Krauss quickly to half guard. 10-9 Hathaway for more effective striking.

R2: Hathaway looks for a jumping knee but settles for a power double. Twisting elbow from the top from Hathaway, otherwise Krauss controls his posture well, stuffs a pass attempt. Steady elbows from Hathaway to assume the driver's seat in the second. Krauss trying to sit up with butterfly guard and shrimp but Hathaway shoves his face back down on both attempts, not the third, and we're back standing.

Krauss telegraphing right hands and a takedown attempt that Hathaway easily avoids. Overhand right from Hathaway, then a left hook and front push kick. Krauss tries to shoot but ends up clinching. Hathaway breaks the clinch with a left elbow, then sidesteps another telegraphed punch. 10-9 Hathaway clearly.

R3: Double jab by Hathaway. Krauss tries a Superman punch but Hathaway is dodging everything. Slam takedown for Hathaway from the clinch. Repetitive elbows and short forearms from Hathaway. Double flying knee from Hathaway grazes. Krauss heaving slow-motion combos. Hathaway beats him to the punch on two exchanges. Spinning back fist from Hathaway, who is breaking out all sorts of new weapons. Hathaway counters successfully again and launches another flying knee. Krauss out of steam; eats the next knee square. Uppercut, leaping knee and sharp punches from Hathaway until the bell. 10-8 Hathaway for dominant striking (30-26 Hathaway on my card).

The judges have it 30-27 and 29-28 twice for John Hathaway, who defeats Pascal Krauss by unanimous decision.

Louis Gaudinot vs. John Lineker

R1: I'm colorblind but thinking Gaudinot is sporting some flowing pink locks. Lineker unreels combinations at absolute light-speed. Gaudinot matches his pace and we have a miniature but faster version of Griffin vs. Bonnar for a moment. Gaudinot clinches but Lineker cracks him with a body shot and peels away. Left low, right low kick and double hooks from Lineker, then another downstairs. Counter leg kick by Gaudinot.

Both connecting and continuing a furious pace, Lineker landing a bit cleaner. Goldberg mocks my handicap by announcing Gaudinot's hair is green. Colors are stupid. Lineker winging some serious heaters, Gaudinot again returns fire and they touch gloves afterward with a smile. Gaudinot slips through the next combo and puts Lineker on his back. Horizontal forearm by Gaudinot up top, then a series of short left forearms. Lineker rolls for a heel hook, Gaudinot is patient and pounces with more short blows once he's free. Highly entertaining round. Lineker got the better standing early, but Gaudinot equaled it with his grappling. 10-10.

R2: More heaters from Lineker. Gaudinot timing him and boldly returning effective counters. Another brutal body shot from Lineker, this time a shovel punch, then a left hook and another downstairs. Lineker viciously unloading leather, Gaudinot ties up to slow him down. Nice counter left by Gaudinot. Lineker regularly chucking 5-6 punch combinations like a boss.

Gaudinot shoots and keeps driving through for a takedown. Gaudinot tries to pin the knee and pass but eats a hammer-fist. Volley of rights to the ribs from Gaudinot. Lineker spinning for another heel hook, a dozen light lefts from Gaudinot and he's back to guard. Gaudinot goes for a guillotine and Lineker tries to pick him up for the slam but it's too tight and the Brazilian taps.

Louis Gaudinot defeats John Lineker by submission (guillotine choke), Round 2.

Danny Castillo vs. John Cholish

R1: Stiff jab by Castillo, who fakes the level drop. Hard one-two from Castillo; he drives Cholish into the cage. Cholish avoids the takedown and shoves him off. Jumping kick from Cholish causes him to slip but he's right back up. Cholish shoots and ends up with the waist cinch on the fence. Castillo circles off, knees, but Cholish's whizzer prevents the takedown attempt.

In the center of the cage, Castillo using a lot of feints to set up strikes. Castillo goes downstairs, then upstairs with solid right hands. Cholish sticks a long jab through. Another level-drop fake dupes Cholish, who eats a right hand. Castillo leading exchanges with more punches, a clinch tie-up and a low kick to end the first. 10-9 Castillo.

R2: Cholish alternating stances. He wings a hook and ducks under for a nice double leg. Castillo uses wrist control to stand back up quickly. Looping overhand by Castillo. Cholish sneaks in some short counters on the next flurry. Plowing right hand by Castillo. Cholish goes downstairs with a jab. More rights by Castillo. Both fighters now landing their fair share in exchanges, though nothing monumental.

Cholish shoots and Castillo stuffs it and reverses with the front headlock; Cholish is right back up. Low kick by Cholish. Moderate left hand sneaks through for Cholish. Crowd getting a little restless. Right hand connects from Castillo but Cholish may have countered just as well. Castillo ducks a punch and power-slams Cholish to close the frame. 10-10 for an equal display of offense.

R3: Leg kick from Castillo, who ducks under a combo for another takedown; Cholish keeps his balance and they clinch. Cholish rolls for a leg lock that Castillo avoids before going into Cholish's guard. Cholish is back up and they trade knees before disengaging. Cholish stealing some of the pace with his volume. Castillo's punches have slowed and he's a tad flat-footed now.

Castillo can't connect with a pair of right meathooks. Castillo leading, Cholish countering; neither out-shining the other. Cholish courageously jumps for a flying leg lock, Castillo steps out. 10-10 for even and mutually ineffective offense (30-29 Castillo on my card).

All three judges have it 30-27 for Danny Castillo, who defeats John Cholish by unanimous decision.

Pablo Garza vs. Dennis Bermudez

R1: Bermudez comes out swinging and hits a strong takedown. Garza is able to stand but he's pinned on the fence and eating knees. Garza breaks free and lands a pair of stiff knees before he's wrapped up again. Bermudez lands another monster takedown but Garza nearly ties on a triangle. Bermudez defends that as well as a sweep from butterfly guard that's prevented by the fence. Bermudez chucking forearms in Garza's guard, Garza stuns Bermudez with a series of up-kicks that land with the heel.

Desperation takedown from Bermudez, who finds himself fighting off another triangle. Garza's hips are busy and he shrimps out to escape after a short struggle. High kick from Garza is matched by a Bermudez low kick and front kick. A 3rd takedown from Bermudez lands him in side control as the bell sounds. Bermudez was more steady with offense but none more effective than Garza's. 10-9 Garza.

R2: Bermudez all over Garza to start the second, scoring a takedown one-minute in. Garza has another hard up-kick blocked but Bermudez postures down to avoid more. Garza's busy hips interrupt occasional ground and pound from Bermudez. Bermudez pursues a Brabo from the top, Garza falls back and closes his guard. Bermudez doing a good job of keeping Garza's head on the fence.

Bermudez lets Garza up and attacks with a flying knee, then just picks him up and drops him. Garza angling for opportunities and Bermudez lets him stand and tosses him down again. 10-9 Bermudez.

R3: Bermudez swinging wildly; he rag-dolls Garza with another body-lock takedown. Short forearms from Bermudez. Garza tries to sweep, it's not there. Bermudez all over Garza now, restricting his movement against the fence. Curious intervention from the ref, who stands them up. Garza is right back down but a few up-kicks back Bermudez off. Not for long, as Bermudez puts him on his back effortlessly.

Garza's up-kicks create some space, Bermudez dives into his guard and this time passes, then takes Garza's back with under a minute left. With both hooks in, Bermudez wrenches the choke while Garza hand-fights. 10-8 Bermudez for grappling dominance (29-27 Bermudez on my card).

The judges have it 30-27 for Dennis Bermudez, who defeats Pablo Garza by unanimous decison.

We are live on Facebook with Mike Massenzio vs. Karlos Vemola up first.

Mike Massenzio vs. Karlos Vemola

R1: Big Dan Miragliotta is our referee. Massenzio shoots a double but Vemola stuffs it and snaps him down from the front headlock, then deftly spins to his back. Massenzio sits out and gets back to his feet. Hard inside leg kick from Vemola. Massenzio responds with a stiff clinch knee and then unloads a sharp flurry that backs Vemola to the fence. Vemola snatches a tight guillotine and drops back; Massenzio stays calm and escapes by breaking his grip. Massenzio in a high half guard. Vemola uses the underhook to stand back up.

Stiff uppercut and overhand left land for Massenzio, who flings another left and half-succeeds on a takedown to control from the front headlock. Massenzio seeks an arm-triangle, Vemola rolls out and they restart standing. Huge double leg from Vemola as the horn sounds. I had Vemola early and Massenzio coming back for an equal display of effective offense. 10-10 round on my card.

R2: They touch to start the 2nd and Vemola is the worse for wear. Vemola with a heavy combo. They tie up and Vemola is able to power Massenzio down and once again spins to the back from the front headlock, this time maintaining position and firing strikes. Massenzio covers up and turtles, allowing Vemola to snake in the rear-naked choke for the tapout.

Karlos Vemola defeats Mike Massenzio by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1.

Roland Delorme vs. Nick Denis

R1: Denis comes out with some crisp boxing that inspires Delorme to shoot immediately. Denis defends. They both let go on the feet with Denis getting the better of it despite eating a short left. Denis nails a power takedown from the clinch and slips out of a Delorme armbar attempt. Delorme creates space and gets back to his feet. Left hook-straight right is on the mark for Denis, who follows with another combo and clips Delorme with a short right hand. Denis hammers knees from the single collar tie and is now unloading a steady stream of strikes on a dazed Delorme.

Denis gets the takedown and again slips out of an armbar, then backs off to restart standing. Denis attacks hard but now, amazingly, Delorme finds the mark with punches and Denis goes into retreat mode. Denis clearly wobbled and looking to hold on. Delorme hits a trip and swarms Denis on the mat, eventually taking his back and sinking in the choke for an inspiring comeback win.

Roland Delorme defeats Nick Denis by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1.

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