Bloody Elbow News Roundup - UFC On Fox 3, Bob Sapp And Stephan Bonnar Are Strange

via Big Country's Facebook page

There's a lot happening in the world of MMA, and Bloody Elbow prides itself on being your one-stop news source for everything that's going on in the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, and everywhere else. There's only so much time in the day though, and some stuff slips through the cracks. This new daily feature is an attempt to fill those cracks, will keep you up to date on all the little news you might have missed otherwise. Here we go.

And yes, that really is Roy Nelson in a toga. He's on the set of a sequel to Black Dynamite. No, I didn't make that up.

It's fight week, which means that the MMA blogosphere is full of UFC on Fox 3 stuff. If you missed today's press conference, here's the full video and Esther Lin's photos from NYC (via MMA Fighting). Oh, and here's some ekc footage from the open workouts as well.

Are you dying to know what guys weigh before their fights? Here are the weigh-in results for Bellator 67 (via MMA Mania) and MFC 33 (via

James Thompson doesn't want Bobby Lashley to hit him with a steel chair in their Super Fight League 3 bout (via MMAHQ). It might be hard for Lashley to resist, considering how many of the chairs will be empty in the arena.

Speaking of Supa Fite Leeg, Bob Sapp put out a ridiculous promo on his website where he promises to fly someone in to corner him for his next fight. MMA is full of cheesy fluff, but this might be the oddest thing I've seen in a while. Enjoy.

After the jump you can catch a second ridiculous video, this time from UFC light heavyweight Stephan Bonnar. In addition to that hilarity, you can check out Ronda Rousey shooting guns, and find out what Marcus Davis and Joe Stevenson are up to.

Remember "The Irish Hand Grenade"? After a brief cut to 155 failed to keep him in the UFC, Marcus Davis moved onto the MFC for a while. Now he's kickboxing. According to Liver Kick, Davis will be fighting for an ISKA K-1 rules world title this weekend in Dublin. I'd never tell a man how to earn a living, but...this seems like a really bad idea, Marcus.

Former Ultimate Fighter winner Joe Stevenson will take his first fight since his UFC release at Resurrection Fighting Alliance's second card on June 30th. His opponent? The infamous Dakota Cochrane. I'm just going to leave this one alone.

You want some girls n' guns? Ronda Rousey shoots a bunch of weapons at The Gun Store and makes her picks for UFC on Fox 3 and Strikeforce (via Middle Easy)

Last but not least, Stephan Bonnar plays with nunchucks and throws ninja stars. Seriously. He's an odd, odd man.

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