Wishlist for Ways to Make the UFC Look Less, Well, Douchey

So I've been going back through a ton of old K-1, Pride, and boxing fights and realized again how great their production values were in comparison to the UFC. The production didn't have to be over-the-top with massive opening ceremonies for me to enjoy the events; instead, little things would pop out to me and make me go, "... I really liked that!" On the other hand, every time I watch a UFC PPV event, there's something that makes me slap my forehead in embarrassment. So, here's my wishlist for stuff that should be cut out of the UFC and stuff that should be added in:

  • Obviously, get rid of the "Face the Pain" intro.
  • Get rid of the black-and-white mini-interviews where the fighters say nothing other than, "I'm gonna go in there and smash his face."
  • Improve the Rogan's Breakdowns by getting rid of the livefeeds of the fighters shadowboxing against a green screen, it looks so awkward.
  • I personally really enjoyed how HDNet/K-1 and Pride would frequently have special guest commentators. I know three color commentators are usually too many, but it's fun having special guests like retired fighters give their analyses of the fights. I mean, I never thought I'd say this, but I actually liked having Kimbo Slice talk on the mic for a K-1 event because he represented a novice's perspective on pro kickboxing that the more knowledgeable Michael Schiavello was able to educate.
  • Although they didn't do this very often, Pride would sometimes play the national anthems for whichever combatants were fighting for the title, most notably for Big Nog vs. Fedor. I think I'd love it if the UFC did this, because it would add more of an international, Olympic feel to their events. Can you imagine how intense the Brazilian and Canadian stadiums would've been if their national anthems were played before Aldo and GSP's defenses, respectively?
  • Also neat about Pride was that champions would have little award ceremonies in the ring, with Nobuhiko Takada reading a prepared speech and then giving a trophy to the winner. Compare that to the UFC, where Bruce Buffer announces who the winner is, Dana wraps the belt around the winner, and then Joe gives the post-fight interview. The whole process just seems so... empty, in comparison to Pride's.
  • Suits are so much more preferable over clothes that look more suited for clubbing. Even though I don't care for boxing, HBO boxing has such a nice, classy feel because its commentators always wear suits with bowties.

So what do you guys think about these suggestions? Also, what else would you add in to the wishlist?


Also, slightly off-topic, but dear Bellator, I don't even know where to start on how to make yourself look less douchey.

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