Mayweather Vs. Cotto: Floyd Accuses Pacquiao Of Steroid Use, Arum Has Crazy Excuse, Boxing World Continues To Turn

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Tuesday, Floyd Mayweather met with reporters ahead of Saturday night's bout with Miguel Cotto and ended up turning a small question and answer session into a full-on rant. When the inevitable topic of Manny Pacquiao came up, Floyd launched into a tirade about how he has tried to make the fight, how American's don't support him despite his Olympic credentials while throwing their love behind foreign fighters and, of course, the fact that he believes Manny uses performance enhancing drugs.

From Floyd's rant to the media:

"Come on, it's basic common sense now. Guess what, it took me years to get to here. Go back and look at the pictures. His head is small and then all of a sudden his head just grew? Come on man, stop this. Ray Charles can see this shit. Go back and look at the pictures and tell me this man's head didn't get bigger. You're going to tell me this shit is all natural. Come on man, stop."

Scott Christ of Bad Left Hook took the time to gather up a few pictures of Pacquiao over the years and put them in a single post so you can try to judge if his head has really gotten bigger.

Bob Arum, Manny's promoter, decided that the blame for all of this falls on a Hennessy ad.

Here's what Arum said to Yahoo about it:

"There is this actor who sort of looks like Manny, but you can't really tell and they shoot it in a way that makes you think it's a younger Manny, and he's in a gym working out," Arum said. "Then it segues to a scene where it is Manny. So when Mayweather is talking about the size of the head, that's got to be where he gets it. He's seeing this commercial over and over and over in just about every NBA game that's on television and we know he loves to watch basketball. He's a basketball junkie. And yeah, there are two different-sized heads, but one's an actor's and the other's is Manny's."

Which is kind of an "only in boxing" response to an "only in boxing" problem.

The drug testing situation was a problem for a while, it appears not to be now. The real problem, as it always is, is money. Floyd claims that he offered Manny $40,000,000 guaranteed to take the fight, Manny (well, Top Rank more than Manny) wants a 50/50 split on everything. Neither side is likely to budge, and the fight isn't likely to happen until it's so far past it's expiration date that you might get sick just from coming into contact with it.

In the end, both guys have fights they can take but Manny probably needs Floyd more than vice versa. Floyd got to Mosley first, he demolished Marquez while Manny continues to struggle with him, he won Cotto in the last round of "win the profitable opponent" and he'll likely have Canelo Alvarez waiting for him after serving his little jail stint.

Manny is going to have a hell of a time just getting past Timothy Bradley (a fight I've gone on record multiple times saying Bradley will win) and even if he does, the options aren't exactly overflowing for the next fight. A fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez is out there, but it's questionable how many times people will pay $70 to watch that fight. The winner of the Amir Khan vs. Lamont Peterson rematch will represent a legitimate test, but not exactly a box office sensation if it's Peterson.

Their careers will go on, they'll both make plenty of money, Floyd will shout about Manny using steroids, Arum will come up with crazy explanations for things and they'll keep not fighting each other.

As for me? I'll just keep tuning in for great nights of fights like boxing fans got last Friday night with Friday Night Fights and ShoBox. And, yes, I'll even plunk down my hard earned dollars to watch Floyd take on an old, but still dangerous (enough), version of Miguel Cotto.

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