What's Next for Junior Dos Santos: Otherwise Known as WTF Happened to the Heavyweight Division?

What if there was a champion, and there was no one to fight him? That's the current problem that the UFC and Junior Dos Santos is facing right now. Every person who has some sort of stake to the claim of being next in line is completely unavailable, and in turn, all that's left is uninteresting and most likely undeserving. Here's a list of what's left in the land of the heavies as we search for the next #1 contender.

Here are numbers 2 - 20 on the USA Today/SBNation composite rankings:

2 Cain Velasquez
3 Alistair Overeem
4 Frank Mir
5 Fabricio Werdum
6 Daniel Cormier
7 Shane Carwin
8 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
9 Josh Barnett
10 Antonio Silva
11 Fedor Emelianenko
12 Travis Browne
13 Mark Hunt
14 Roy Nelson
15 Cheick Kongo
16 Mike Russow
17 Ben Rothwell
18 Cole Konrad
19 Stefan Struve
20 Sergei Kharitonov

Let's do that again with a little commentary

2 Cain Velasquez - Out for 6 months with a broken hand.
3 Alistair Overeem - Out until the end of December with a broken needle.
4 Frank Mir - Yea, that's not happening again.
5 Fabricio Werdum - V.C is probably the best candidate out there at the moment. He's improved quite a bit since his embarrassing loss.
6 Daniel Cormier - Out for 6 months with a broken hand (also, not in the promotion).
7 Shane Carwin - Still recovering from back surgery and got destroyed the first time against JDS.
8 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - His coach, and would get dangadadanged standing regardless.
9 Josh Barnett - Not in the promotion, got severely outclassed by Cormier, broken hand.
10 Antonio Silva - The triage unit doesn't need more head wounds, thank you very much.
11 Fedor Emelianenko - Keep dreaming.
12 Travis Browne - Meh. Somewhat promising as a prospect, but his best win is against Struve, who's chin is fairly suspect. Not ready.
14 Roy Nelson - We saw this fight already. No.
15 Cheick Kongo - Gimme a break.
16 Mike Russow - Is his match against Werdum at 147 for the #1 contender slot? Just might be. Wow.
17 Ben Rothwell - I mean... the guy is 3-3 in his last 6 and just saved his career against Brendan Schaub.
18 Cole Konrad - Locked down in Bellator.
19 Stefan Struve - The rematch that doesn't really need to happen for another 2-3 years. Lost to multiple people higher on this list.
20 Sergei Kharitonov - Not in the promotion and while he can punch with Junior, he has a non-existent ground game, which one would assume that a BJJ student would be able to exploit.

If you'd be so kind as to check out the ending over on Gals Guide, I SHOCK AND AMAZE YOU with two names you may not have thought of.

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