Help me get a job

Okay so after drinking 4 of my own homemade 4 lokos I sat up until 8am this morning posting on BE. I then went to bed and couldn't sleep. A combination of the obscene amounts of caffeine in my system and an absolute fight buzz you get from a really good card like this kept me awake. It was during this brief stint in bed that I made a rather unshocking shocking discovery and I now know what I want to do with the rest of my life:

I want to get paid to talk shit about MMA.

Yep I think I want to be an MMA journalist. And that is where you come in. I need your help in coming up with a plan to actually make it happen. I enjoy writing articles and shit on BE but I often find they lack structure and I nearly always lose the point I was originally aiming for. I'd love to hear some tips from people that write for this site or any other site (Hobbie I'm looking at you right here. I love your work and your writing style). I actually did a 2 year Journalism course and was quite good at it and really enjoyed it but unfortunately I went to the N Ireland equivalent of Greendale Community College so it really doesn't count for much.



My Uni at the minute has a Radio station that I have considered joining (It helps that I have a face for radio) but if I did a show about MMA I really don't think many people would listen or participate. I love BE Radio and try to participate and listen as much as I can but I can't really call in because I'm in the UK. Personally I think they should hire me as some sort of UK representative. Let's face it, other than TC Engel I'm probably the most active user from the UK on here. Even though I got into the sport quite late I'm passionate as f*ck about it and have absolutely engulfed myself in it since I got into it. Not a day goes by that I don't think of MMA. Okay this has gotten weird.

I think I'm gonna stalk Gareth Davis for a while and hopefully I can take his job when he goes away. Yep definitely gotten weird...


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