Farewell Frank Mir

"And I will STRIKE DOWN upon thee with GREAT vengeance and FURIOUS anger, those who attempt to POISON and DESTROY my brothers, and you will know my name is the LORD when I lay my VENGEANCE upon thee."
- 5/26/2012

I'll go ahead and say it, this isn't a's more of a celebratory eulogy for a fighter I just plain am not a fan of, and have never been. Frank Mir irks me. The way he speaks....some compliment that it's intelligent sounding, but to me, it always sounds like veiled condescension. He has an attitude that seems smug, like he KNOWS he is the hottest sh!t on the planet, but is going to try and structure some type of real analysis to prove his point.

'Oh, Chris Jones, it's just an act!'....well, first off, I don't think it is. But even IF I give in that he is just doing this to stir the pot and get people like me all worked up and interested in watching him win or lose...I still don't like it. I find it annoying. Chael Sonnen's act entertains me, it is completely over the top. Frank Mir seems to actually believe his own gospel. Loving of his own kool aid is Frank Mir, Joe.

I'm not hoping Frank Mir is killed or retires or anything crazy because of this fight...but would I like a knockout in the first round? Absolutely, and not just for my MMA PlayGround score either.

And the chances of it happening are likely. Frank Mir has 5 losses. 100% of those losses are by KO/TKO. Of those 5 KO/TKO losses, 4 have come in the first round.

Junior Dos Santos has 14 wins, 10 are by KO/TKO. 100% of his KO/TKO wins have come in the first round. The Cro Cop finish was technically a verbal submission to strikes/eye injury.

I'm not going to tabulate any kind of % of how likely it is for JDS to win by KO/TKO in the first round...but the answer is a number...a high number.

Yes, if Frank Mir pulls off the upset, I'll be more than upset(upset at the upset, I'm high brow with my wordplay!). It'd be my least favorite heavyweight defeating my favorite(Sorry Reem, but you didn't have to cut me off! piss so hot!) so it would be a lot of anger and a serious let down feeling. But I don't think that's going to happen. The odds are forever in my favor, or some shit like that. I took my younger cousins to The Hunger Games a while ago....and no matter how much I watch The Avengers, the catchphrase of that Battle Royale knock off is still swimming around in my cranium.

But basically, it's the end of Tombstone, and Wyatt Earp isn't fast enough to beat Johnny Ringo...but his good friend Doc Holliday is going to enter the fray and handle the situation like a sir.



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