The Top-250 of 2012: BV Wants YOU!

Hello, friends. Since my "Your Weekend in Combat Sports" refused to post for the last THREE WEEKS, I've decided to take a break for now (or until, you know, I actually have a decent outlet to write them), and focus on something near and dear to my heart...

The Top-250 Fights of the Year (subject to change)!

Now for those that don't know, I compiled a list of the Top-235 Fights of 2011 that was completed in February after watching literally every single fight card I could get my hands on. Outdoors in Brazil in front of 14 people? I watched it. Swedish card on a fan cam? On it. Listening to Phil Baroni commentary with a razor inching ever closer to my inner arm? Did it.

The result was sloppy, but informative. I wanted to do 250, but not enough justified my threshold and I wasn't gonna add shitty fights just to add them. Because of, ONCE AGAIN, posting woes (and before you try and suggest, yes, I tried every available option. I contact SBN help, I wrote 3,000-word posts strictly in HTML to no avail, I even created a new SBN account, and about 50 other solutions, no dice) were sloppy and affected how it came out. But I did get all the fights out, gave a decent amount of info, and it was generally-decently accepted.

Meh, but decent for a first try. My biggest problem was, due to personal conflicts, I had to wait until December to watch literally thousands of fights and narrow them down. This time, I'm being smarter about it. I have every fight that I can find up to this second on me, and am prepared to start diving in ASAP.

"So the fuck what, you big-headed, babbling, drunk?" You said to yourself probably three minutes ago...well, I'm extending the offer. I know I made it sound like a nightmare, but it was extremely rewarding. Everyone does a Top-10 fights of the year, or if they're DARING, a Top-50! Ooooohhh!! Nobody is doing what I did and want to do, and with better timing, a bigger network of people, and hopefully a better way to show our results instead of the fucking comments section, which is what I was reduced to, I think we'll get some eyeballs on the project.

So I'm putting out the call. I want people for this project. You know this isn't a fly-by-night thing, I did everything by myself last year. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't perfect, but it was complete. With a head-start, with more creative people, and with more minds, I'm sure this will be an absolute flagship project for a lot of us. Nah, check that. It WILL get eyes this time around. This has never been done before.

I'm ready to start reviewing fights immediately, and I even want to start putting out a Top-50 by month so people won't forget about the great fights that happened early in the year.

Obviously I can't post here how or where I have such fights, but I do have some, ahem, options for those that would like you scrounge up the rare cards. I'll get into scoring/evaluating, etc..., once we have a group.

If you want to be involved in the project, you can email me:, or Tweet me @BVandDietPepsi. I composed a list of every card I have thus far thus year that I can email out so we're all on the same page.

If it's not your cup o' chai, no biggie and I hope you enjoy the results like you did of the Top-235 of 2011 :)

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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