UFC 146: Up Close And Personal With Dan Hardy Part II

This is the conclusion of the long interview I did with Dan Hardy. If you missed Part I, here's the link:

Part I

Stephie Daniels: People have gone from full support of Jon Jones, to demanding he be stripped of the title and have his contract terminated. What do you think of that? Are those comments extreme or warranted?

Dan Hardy: I'm very much of the opinion that what he does is his business. The thing is, he has to realize that he's in a situation where a lot of people are looking up to him, or admiring him for his position in the sport. With that comes a lot of responsibility.

I think people are quite unforgiving when it comes to professional athletes. One bad call and the whole world hears about it. You've got TMZ out there just waiting for people to fall on their face so they can report about it. We have to be on our best behavior 24 hours a day, and unfortunately, there aren't too many people that can do that successfully.

It was a bad call, but it was away from the sport, so it shouldn't affect his job. Now you take a guy like Michael Vick, that guy should never be allowed to return to sports, because that was a consistent bad decision. Getting behind the wheel of a car, hundreds of thousands of people have done it but hardly any of them will have lost their jobs because of it. If he does it again, then he's consistently making bad decisions, and he's not a good representative of the sport, then maybe it should affect his job.

Stephie Daniels: You have such a unique look and personality. Have you been approached to do movie or television roles, and does something like that interest you?

Dan Hardy: I've done little bits and bobs here and there. When I was living in Los Angeles, I was quite accessible, so I got calls to do the odd thing, but always MMA related. The problem is, I have a lot of tattoos, so there are a lot of roles in movies that I couldn't just step into. I would have to go uner some extensive airbrushing to look like a normal person.

I certainly think that would be something I would enjoy. I've always said I'd like to be in a Tarantino or Guy Ritchie movie, even if it's just a small role. I think that would be a great time. It's definitely something that I would like to do. I'm looking at getting my neck tattooed next, so that's the everlasting job stopper. The option to get a job at the local supermarket goes out the window, so I'm going to have to be a little bit more creative with my job options in the future.

I actually watched Haywire last night, with Gina Carano in it. It wasn't the best of movies, but fair play to her,she did well. I thought she was good in it. It would be really cool to do just one good movie. Just do it one time, and kick ass at it, and have a good time, just to say I've done it, put it in the bag, and then go on to do something else.

Stephie Daniels: You said you were going to tattoo your neck. What are you getting?

Dan Hardy: I've planned it for a long time. I've always wanted an eagle tattooed on my neck. My very first martial arts school was a taekwondo school called Eagle Taekwondo. I trained there from when I was six up until I was seventeen. It was a big part of my life for a long time. There were a lot of important years, and I have a lot of good memories from that. I've seen a lot of eagle neck tattoos and they look very cool, and I've got the perfect guy to do it, so I'm looking forward to getting that done. I've got to get it done at the right time, though. I'm not going to rush into it, but I'm definitely getting it done.

Stephie Daniels: Will you be getting that eagle on the side of your neck, the front or the back?

Dan Hardy: I'll be definitely getting it on the side, and I'll be getting it as big as I can possibly get to fit in the space.

Stephie Daniels: Is there any part on you that you wouldn't tattoo?

Dan Hardy: I've always said that I would never get my face or my head tattooed. I've looked at head tattoos, but I don't think it would suit me. I mean, Wanderlei Silva's looks great, but it's not for me.

Stephie Daniels: Most people don't realize that you're a pretty accomplished writer. Do you have any professional aspirations, perhaps a book of some sort?

Dan Hardy: I have, yeah. I've actually been looking at university courses. I plan on going back to university at some point to study literature and philosophy. It's something I would really like to explore. I do write a lot still. I write at least a few paragraphs on something, almost every day. I've got three books I'm working on at the moment, and one of them is almost finished. The other two are kind of in the drafting phase.

It is something that I would like to do, but I find it difficult to focus on them during training camp. After this fight, I've got a few weeks that I want to sit down and hammer out a bit more on the book that's almost finished. I would like to do something with that.

Stephie Daniels: The last time we spoke, you mentioned that Lorenzo Fertitta trained at your gym. Has he been around lately?

Dan Hardy: We see him around occasionally. He's been very busy with there being so many shows. He's been traveling around, flying from one country to another, but we've seen him a couple of times. I mean, he's out in Gotham City solving crime, I think [laughs]. We don't see him very often, but when we do, I have a little chat with him or I watch him hit pads. He's got some thunder in his punches, that's for sure. If he connects with somebody, he's only going to need one shot.

Stephie Daniels: Since you mentioned Gotham City, if you could be a superhero, which one would you choose?

Dan Hardy: That's a tough question. I've been watching a lot of superhero stuff recently. I've always had a strong affinity with Wolverine, because of how angry he is all the time. I like Wolverine. Apart from his ridiculous haircut, he's quite understated. He doesn't really have anything amazingly special about him. He;s got claws and he heals, but, he can't fly or control the weather, or anything like that. He's relatively normal, and I quite like that about him.

Other than that, I'd go with Ironman. He's just fantastic, because he's a regular guy that's very intelligent and motivated. I like that, as well. I like the fact that he's very real. I bounce back and forth between those two.

I know there were similarities drawn between me and a character called Daken. He's basically evil Wolverine. He's Wolverine's son. He has a mohawk and tattoos, and he's a really interesting character. They mentioned him a few times in the buildup to the Georges St. Pierre fight. He goes back and forth from being dark to being good. He's got all the Wolverine traits, plus a mohawk and tattoos. He's a pretty cool character.

Stephie Daniels: Regardless of the outcome of this fight, what's in your immediate future? Vacation or business as usual, back to the gym?

Dan Hardy: Pretty much immediately after the fight, I'm actually flying to Peru.

Stephie Daniels: That's not your typical vacation spot. What's the reasoning behind it?

Dan Hardy: It's most certainly not [laughs]. I don't know many people that have done this kind of vacation, to be honest. Basically, the Wednesday after the fight, myself and a friend of mine are flying to Peru, and we're spending two weeks in the Amazon, at a retreat of sorts. We're going to live in huts with no electricity. We will have books and writing materials and a hallucinogenic tea called ayahuasca. I'm going to go out and meet my spirit animal.

I know it's a pretty crazy thing to do, but it's been something I've wanted to do for a while now. I've done about as much research on the subject as I can. I've read a bunch of books and watched every documentary on the subject. Joe Rogan's podcast helps, as well.

Stephie Daniels: Since you're going to be in Peru, do you have any plans to visit Machu Picchu?

Dan Hardy: Not this time. We do plan on going, and my parents want to come with us. They've done different kinds of trekking vacations. They did Everest base camp a couple of years ago, so we're actually looking at doing that towards the end of the year. I'd like to do it as close to December as possible, for the end of the Mayan calendar.

Follow Dan Via his Twitter, @DanHardyMMA

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