Who Here Wants To Buy A Nottheface Ebook? Honestly?

I have been receiving numerous recommendations and requests to write an ebook based on my history articles, and while I am flattered by the suggestion I also realize that talk is cheap. What I want to know is how many people would actually pay to purchase an ebook of mine? Because if there is enough real interest shown I do have more than enough material for such a project.

(If you are not familiar with my work, i use to write under the pseudonym nottheface. If that doesn't ring a bell, than click here and check out some of my previous work. If you don't like what you read than I guess you aren't my target audience.)

My book proposal: a history of of what is now referred to as mixed martial arts through the ages, chronicling the evolution of the sport under its various names: pankration, London bare-knuckle boxing, rough-and-tumble, "anything goes", no-holds-barred, vale tudo, etc.

The whole thing would be serialized and released in six parts with each part to be around 50 pages or so - roughly the length of all four of the "Forgotten Golden Age of Mixed Martial Arts" series combined. The first release would cover the pankration and the Roman gladiator games and detailing their connection to modern MMA (I know I've written often that there is no connection between them but I lied), moving on to the origins of jujutsu and its European counterparts (kampfringen, abrazare, and various Fechtbuchers), to wages of combat and duels and how those two, along with stick fights between mobs, bizarrely gave birth to boxing (a boxing unlike anything we know today). It would end with James Figg and the birth of prizefighting.

That's part 1, the other 5 parts would continue to chronicle the evolution of combat sports, including the rise of catch-as-catch-can wrestling, the great judo versus wrestling contests, the incredibly early mixed martial arts scenes in Australia, France, Germany, and Hawaii, the Chinese lei tai, the end of real pro wrestling, early MMA leagues (besides the Tough Guys!), and ending when we eventually get to 1993 and the very first Pancrase and UFC events.

My plan would be to release each serialized chapter every other month, meaning the whole project would be done in a year, The one stickler: will anyone buy it?

So does that interest anyone? Let me know in the poll. And if you have any suggestions what you'd like to see or a possible name for the whole thing (I have a few ideas) leave them below in the comments. And be honest.



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