Bloody Elbow News Roundup: UFC 146 Videos, Weak Werdum, UFC On FX 5

Today's Bloody Elbow News Roundup has a pretty steady theme - UFC 146, UFC 146, and more UFC 146. The open workouts went down today in Vegas, so everyone and their dog is posting videos of their interviews with the fighters on the card. I'll try to offer a nice selection of the best ones and sprinkle in some other stuff as well. It's tough to mix it up though - in case you didn't know, UFC 146 this this weekend.

We'll start off with, drumroll please...a UFC 146 video! Shocking, I know. UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos talks about opponent Frank Mir, and believes that he can hang with anyone in the world in a boxing ring (including the Klitschkos) with three months to train for a bout. Seriously. (via MMA Fighting)

Speaking of Mr. Mir, the former UFC heavyweight champion covered a variety of topics with Ariel Helwani including his opinion on TRT (or lack thereof), the suspension of Nick Diaz, his opponent, and much more. And Ariel is kinda creepy when he asks Mir about his weight (unintentionally of course):

If that wasn't enough, here's a Helwani interview with Cain Velasquez too.

After the jump you can read all about UFC 147 co-main eventer Fabricio Werdum's transformation from weakling to strongman in less than a year. I know that doesn't sound all that interesting, but wait till you read about it below. You could (allegedly) do more pushups than Werdum could one year ago. Yes, you. The person reading this.

Before the Werdum stuff, let's take care of a card announcement. If you live in Indiana, big-time MMA is coming back to your state on September 7th when UFC on FX 5 takes place in the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Obviously Chris Lytle won't be taking part due to his retirement, but I'm sure there will be plenty of midwest talent in the octagon.

Okay, onto Vai Cavalo. At various points in Werdum's career I'm sure you've seen him at a weigh-in and thought "Damn, he fat!". Normally that would be fighter bashing but when his own trainers are saying it, it's okay! I'm not sure whether I believe this or not, but here's what they had to say about Werdum right after his Strikeforce bout with Alistair Overeem last June:

Fabricio weighed in at 253 lbs., but was measured at a whopping 20% body fat. Worse yet, he could barely do 5 push-ups and couldn't master a single pull-up. With advice from Jarrod (Bunch, former NFL fullback) and MHP's experts, Fabricio began eating every three hours, integrating lean protein, starchy carbs and precisely timed supplementation.

And in less than four months, Werdum was actually (kinda) strong! It's a miracle!

Keeping careful records of Fabricio's progress both under the weights and on the scale, Bunch pushed his friend to the limit. But in the end, all the sweat equity was definitely worth the investment. On November 4th, the Brazilian superstar hit the scale at 249 lbs., but with just 13.5% bodyfat (verified in Bod Pod testing). That equates to a 17 lb. loss of fat and an increase of 12 lbs. of muscle in just over 3 months!

At the same time, the MMA fighter's strength gains were equally impressive. On the final strength test day, Fabricio banged out 42 push-ups (an increase of 37 reps!) and he bench pressed 195 lbs. for 9 reps -- triple his best effort back in late July. As he prepared for his long-awaited UFC comeback, Werdum was bigger, stronger, leaner and more powerful than ever.

And when he somehow took on a Hall of Fame boxer in his next bout, he used that (average) strength to win!

When Fabricio faced off against Roy Jones in his next bout at UFC 143 on February 5th, he was a different fighter than any other time in his career. Although he's considered one of the best in the world at grappling, Fabricio stayed on his feet and displayed his newfound punching and kicking power. By the 3rd round, he completely overpowered Jones and won the bout decisively.

Okay I'm done being a smartass now. Have a good night folks.

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