Re: Nick Diaz vs 4 Old People Who Probably Smell

I actually watched a live court case for the first time since grade 12. In my grade 12 law class we got to go to court. It was foretold the case involved a stripper. Everyone was so excited, this was going to be amazing.

We were basically lied to. It involved a stripper, but she didn't show up. Apparently, she can't drive, or park, or something, and parked on someones lawn and they towed her car and broke a rose bush. Something like that, I don't really know, I basically tuned out because this was bullshit and the lady being a stripper was completely irrelevant.

For some reason they broadcast the NSAC hearings, so I am a Canadian and had Monday off for some bizarre holiday. I decided to stop playing Diablo III just long enough to watch Nick Diaz and his legal team take the stand.

I was lied to again. That wasn't a court case. At one point it became clear one of the litigators or whatever the retirement board behind the bigger higher desks were didn't even know what the fuck was going on because he asked "if you aren't here to apply for a license why are you here" and Nick says "I replied to your summons" and Lawyer A or B had to explain what happened, then the guy said "Oh, you were summoned, and you're responding to the summons.... ok I'll allow this" or something.

That wasn't a court. That wasn't justice. Does Nick deserve to be suspended and fined? Probably, but apparently the US Justice system has to abide by some sort of guidelines, and when they piss all over them the guilty party wins temporarily and they call it a mistrial.

I guess I assumed the NSAC actually was a legal body. It's just 4-5 geriatric fucks who ignored everything said over the course of 2+ hours.

You know after a rough week you think somethings has to work out, some fuck hits my car and I decide to be nice and not go through insurance, what a headache that was. I think I might have cancer, or something, who knows because the Canadian health system is so bogged down with people going to the hospital with colds that I'm waiting for weeks just to get an appointment. You'd think online applications for Graduate school would be organized, how the fuck does an online application get missed? I guess I should be thankful, they got to it about 4 months late so they just pity accepted me anyway, but now I gotta wait 4 months and have no fucking Nick Diaz fights to look forward to. Really, that's the bullshit I have dealt with recently and all I want to see is a kid from Stockton give someone the bird in the middle of a cage.

In closing:



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