Bloody Elbow News Roundup - Barnett Back To Strikeforce, Pettis Wants Diaz, Sapp Goofiness

This man is crazy, folks.

We're back for another edition of the Bloody Elbow News Roundup and we'll try to focus on things completely unrelated to the dog and pony (and weed and testosterone) show in Las Vegas today. Well, one piece of non-Diaz/Sonnen news came out of the meeting that might be of interest so I'll touch on that, but the rest of this post will be NSAC-free. Instead we'll look at what's next for Josh Barnett, who Anthony Pettis wants to fight next, check out part two of UFC Primetime, and try to figure out why Bob Sapp is such a strange guy. Here we go.

The futures of the two Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix finalists Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier have been debated since Cormier emerged victorious on Saturday night. Cormier will likely fight one last time in SF after his hand heals, but what about Barnett? It's well-known that The Warmaster and Dana White have had their differences in the past. Would he come to the UFC? Maybe get released? Neither, apparently. According to Sergio Non of USA Today, Barnett will fight once more in Strikeforce:

But it turns out that the other tourney finalist, Josh Barnett, also will have one more bout in Strikeforce, parent company Zuffa told USA TODAY on Monday.

Barnett also suffered a broken hand in the bout and he won't be back for a while either, but it's very interesting that they're willing to leave Barnett floundering in a dead SF heavyweight division.

Switching gears to this weekend's UFC 146 card in Las Vegas, NSAC confirmed today that veteran referee Herb Dean will be in charge of the main event bout between UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos and challenger Frank Mir. And if you missed episode 2 of UFC Primetime: Dos Santos vs. Mir, you can check it out below (part one can be seen here):

After the jump we'll hear from UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis, take a look at a couple of videos leading up to JDS winning the heavyweight title back in November, and give you the chance to listen to Bob Sapp's bizarre interview with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani earlier today. There's a couple of other tidbits in there too.

Dale Earnhardt's grandson Jeffrey Earnhardt is making his MMA debut tomorrow night in North Carolina. (via MMA Fighting).

Invicta FC 2 now has five bouts scheduled for the card (via MMA Rising).

Anthony Pettis spoke to about his recovery from injury (he's not back to full training yet) but he'd like to return at UFC 151 on September 1st. He was asked if he'd like to fight Donald Cerrone next, but he has other ideas:

For me, I want to fight Nate Diaz! I mean I was promised a title shot a couple of times, they said it after my Lauzon win, you know that I was probably next in line. Then all of sudden Diaz comes out and he has a good performance against Jim Miller and I am forgotten about. So I mean I want to fight the guy that beat Cerrone and get the #1 contender spot. I’m looking for a title shot here in my next couple fights or you know one more win and then a title shot.

Paula Sack was able to get some great footage of Junior dos Santos before his UFC on Fox bout with then-UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, and two of the videos have been recently released. You can view them both below (via the UFC's Youtube page).

Finally, we'll close out with some goofiness. Everyone's favorite MMA circus act, Bob Sapp, was a guest on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani today and...well, it was odd. Sapp comes on at 2:13:35 of the video and you've basically got to hear it for yourself. He admits that he won't take damage in a fight so he doesn't suffer any long term effects from it, even if he's making 30-40k a fight. Ariel then asks him if he's throwing fights, and he once again says he fights for money and he won't take damage. A long, bizarre rants follows and his constant laughing is just plain creepy. Check out the video below, or check MMA Fighting for some of the choice quotes.

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