Come to the Dark Side Jon Jones

"There are nine million people who see me in the ring and hate my guts, Most of them are white. That's okay. Just spell my name right." - Mike Tyson

Something came to me today as I was sitting at work, wishing I wasn't at work. Jon Jones the man who has worked so hard to portray his GSP like squeaky clean image just threw several years of good behavior out the window with a bad decision to drink and drive. Right now there are two ways that Jon can go... he can listen to the little angle on his shoulder and spend the next 12-24 months on good behavior trying to get all the mainstream sponsorship deals that he was oh so close to landing... or he channel his inner Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, Tito Ortiz, or Brock Lesnar and embrace the dark side.

Make sure to point out that you wrecked your Bentley... because only people with a ton of money drive Bentley's

Let everyone know that you are still so much better than everyone that you are going to tap out Hendo in the second round, and then do it. When you are done with Hendo look in the camera and ask "Who's next!" Be arrogant, you are good enough to get away with it. When they tell you that Gustafsson is next, just laugh, and ask "who is that"

Have some fun with Hendo and his TRT usage leading up to the fight... Didn't Hendo get divorced recently... there has to be a low testosterone joke in there somewhere.

Let the stories out about how you have multiple children out of wedlock... not a crime, but still can draw a reaction from a certain parts of society.

Where was your smoking hot fiancée (yeah we saw her during UFC Primetime) and kids that night when you were out drinking alone and cruising with your $200K car? Even if you really were just hanging with the boys... thrown out the insinuation that something more was going on. Let people think that you are "young, black, rich and can do whatever you want."

Just start being a dick, watch old Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, current Floyd Mayweather interviews. Check out the stuff Tito used to say to Ken Shamrock, when he single handedly drove that fight. Flip off a camera, and then make sure they roll your highlight reel.

Floyd sells PPVs like nobody's business, except Tyson. Floyd just got 1.5 million people to watch him pick apart Miguel Cotto... oh, and Floyd had a jail sentence put on hold so he could fight the fight. Floyd also got 2.4 million people to watch him beat down an over the hill Oscar de la Hoya... why because Oscar is the golden boy, and Floyd is an A-hole. UFC has enough good guy Champions, be something different. Of all the Champions out there right now there is not one that will speak his mind without a filter.

Mike Tyson was an unstoppable force in his weight class, and people loved to watch the path of destruction that was left in his wake... but his life was a train wreck... and people loved to watch the violence. After he spent 3 years in jail for RAPE, He came out in 1995 and sold 1.55 million PPVs against McNeeley, 1.37 million against Bruno, 1.59 million against Holyfield, 1.99 million in the Holyfield rematch, and 1.97 million against Lennox Lewis. Tyson said what was on his mind, and did not care. He came out swinging, and people wanted to see what happened next. Jon Jones can unleash that level of crazy violence on people, and if he un-checks his emotions then he tap into that segment of society that wants to see the crazy guy.

The mainstream endorsements are gone Jon... The next best way to make money is to be the loudest mouth on the block, and sell more PPVs. Say things that would make Chael Sonnen blush. Go hang out with Ronda Rousey and make fun of your upcoming opponents together. About half the fans out there seem to think that the good guy act is a sham anyway, so just say what is on your mind, and let it all out.

Seriously, I feel like the evil dude from star wars trying to convince Anakin Skywalker to become Darth Vader.

The writer does not endorse Drunk Driving (Jones), Battery (Mayweather), or Rape (Tyson). I'm not even sure I endorse the position that I took in the post... but it is just something that came to mind.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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