New MMA Rule: Auto-Deductions for Multiple Low Blows

Under the current rules of MMA one of the easiest and most effective ways to game the system is to come out of your corner, blast your opponent in the babymakers, wait for him to "recover", and then enjoy the luxury of fighting a diminished opponent for the next 14 minutes, or however long the fight lasts. If you don't get warned, you can even feel free to add another gonad blaster (or even 2 in some cases!) just to make sure your opponent can't compete.



Referees never, ever deduct a point for the first one, so its basically free, and they rarely even hand down warnings for the first one if it plausibly looks like a leg kick, so the second one is almost always free too.

Donald Cerrone and Cheick Kongo are masters at this tactic, and David Rickels put on a pretty good demonstration of it on the Bellator card Friday night. Now it may be the case the guys like Kongo and Cerrone are legitimately going for high leg kicks (or knees to the stomach in Kongo's case) when they repeatedly drill their opponents in the happy sacks. But whether they are knowingly fighting dirty, or just have really terrible aim (I suspect a little bit of column "A" and a little of column "B") the effect of their actions is clear, and provides them with a massive unfair advantage in fights.

My own experience in combat sports is fairly limited, but I have had occasion to be kicked in the balls (while wearing a cup) in competition, and it completely and irrevocably changed the course of the fight. To paraphrase Rainer Wolfecastle: "the cup, it does NOTHING."

Anyone who's ever taken a hard shot to the manly bits (and if you haven't you're living a charmed life) knows that the immediate, stabbing pain caused by such a blow is the least of your worries. A hard groin shot almost immediately crawls into your lower abdomen and makes you want to barf, or at the very least curl up in the fetal position for a half hour or so. It is much, much harder to shake off than say, a hard blow to the head (such as the illegal knees to downed opponents that are almost always penalized on the first offense). Nut shots stick with you, and unquestionably affect fighters for the entire fight after they occur.

My proposal is simple. Change the rules so that:

1) Referees must issue a mandatory warning for any low blow that they clearly observe (regardless of intent)

2) Referees must deduct a point for every subsequent low blow by a warned fighter (also regardless of intent)

Look, I know that accidental low blows happen, and that they are especially common when guys are allowed to throw kicks and knees to every part of the body BUT the balls, but if this rule means that a careless fighter has to pay more attention, and risk a deduction AFTER he gets a huge advantage by delivering a low blow, I think that's much fairer than the current system, which basically rewards serial nut-kicking as an effective strategy.

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