BECW II was awesome and I think it needs a shirt.

So first of all, I haven't really checked with the commish and associated BECW dignitaries yet to get their blessing, so this is an "unauthorized" joint at the moment...

The guilt of the "Lets Mutherfukers" shirt never materializing hangs over my head eternally, and I really found BECW II to be a profoundly well-executed and engaging production, and thought it deserved commemoration and a piece of merch through which eternal bragging rights can be captured.

That said, others have put a lot of work into making the league what it is, and if this is out of my lane I will kill it off like Matt Hughes kills off a country breakfast.

Anyway, I've had this drawing hanging around for a while and just needed to make myself finish the sumbitch. I'd still be open to tweaking the color scheme and general logo integration, but not at the cost of bogging down just getting this available.

Just to put it out there:

This isn't going to be a vaporware shirt again, because I'm not trying to get myself or anybody else paid. I can't take an image created of and on behalf of Ben Saunders and throw it up on Cafepress like "go nuts!" because that's his likeness and that thing was his idea. Whereas in this case I will literally will post this on cafepress with no cut to myself, and also provide a link to the finished graphical assets on BE, so that if somebody wants to silkscreen themselves a full-body leotard of this, I support that. Let's keep it open-source.

I do however welcome any suggestions for web-based, no order minimum t-shirt companies that aren't cafepress, that might print better tees.


I'm hoping you'll recognize the various teams, but clockwise from upper left: Cecil Peoples in a championship belt, an armed trainyard sleeper (hopefully I didn't miss an inside joke on that one), an intrepid bearded reporter with an uncanny resemblance to one of my all-time favorite MMA bloggers, Ned Stark the illegitimate father of many, a Filipino Reccing Machine, Rousimar Palhares' destructive thoughts bursting out of his head, a kinda crappy trace of Brock with gun, Bones getting his night ruined, and the carrot-lovingest bus in the MMA game today.


see larger


The teams, in order of final placing. Get at me in the comments if I messed up your name or something.


see larger

Anyway, hope you mutherfukers like it! I looking forward to hopefully completing some kind of unofficial BE memorabilia at long last.

What's next:

If BEtards are into it, and no great revelations come up about places that are better than cafepress to print a shirt without upfront costs, I'll just do another fanpost with a link where folks can cop it.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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