UFC's Dana White Tells Floyd Mayweather Story, Talks Going Head-To-Head With Boxing And Overeem Punishment

Fox Sports has released a video of Dana White talking about a variety of topic along with Ed O'Neill (star of Married With Children). In this video, Dana discusses the Alistair Overeem situation (he isn't sure if he will take action beyond what the NSAC handed down) and Floyd Mayweather (including an interesting story about a casino encounter).

Check out the video and read the best quotes after the jump:

On if Overeem should be given additional punishment beyond what Nevada imposed:

"That's a great question. I gotta fly back to Las Vegas today, get together with my crew and we're gonna figure out what's going to happen with Alistair Overeem. He's got a nine month suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission so I need to get back into the office and figure out what we're gonna do.


Bottom line is, the Nevada State Athletic Commission regulates us and what happens in the sport. They've given him a nine month suspension, which I thought was gonna be bigger...I thought they were gonna give him a bigger suspension. The fact that they gave him nine months, says that they found some validity in his story."

Dana did take a shot at Overeem's chin and the fact that he was knocked out by Chuck Liddell at 205 pounds.

On if Dana wants to "put a hurting" on Floyd Mayweather by going up against his fight on May 5:

"Here's what's happening. We've done this many times now. Basically, it's a great night for television because you're going to have a group of people who stay home for Mayweather and a group of people..wait a minute, I'm a fight fan, I can watch both on the same night? So you stay home on that Saturday, you watch the UFC card, and then you flip over to pay-per-view and watch Mayweather fight.

Every time we've done it, it's been a huge success for us and a huge success for the PPV that night for boxing. So we really don't go head to head, we got the same night. Because really, this is what you think about...when you're buying PPV, it's not really about laying down the $50. We all work hard, we've all got things to do, we've got family. We've got choices we've got to make on weekends. Am I gonna go out tonight? Am I gonna go to dinner? Or am I gonna stay home and watch the fight? And when you have both fights on the same night? More people make that decision to stay home on Saturday."

On why Floyd is able to fight despite his upcoming jail sentence, which was pushed back until after the fight:

"I love the city of Las Vegas. I have lived there most of my life. I will defend Las Vegas against anyone saying it's not a good place to raise your kids, it's not this, it's not that. But I'll tell you what, the judge that decided to let Floyd Mayweather not go to jail and fight instead. I mean, Floyd is lucky to live in a city where they care more about money than they care about justice. The craziest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Would the same exception be afforded to a big name UFC fighter?

"There's no way in hell. There's no way in hell...There's absolutely a double standard."

And one last Floyd story:

"I'll tell you a real quick story here. First of all, me and Floyd go way back. Me and Floyd have been going at each other in the media quite a bit. Recently when he made the Jeremy Lin comments I called him a racist and everything else. So, the other night I'm playing cards at the Palms and someone taps my back, and it's Floyd. I'm like 'What's up Floyd?' He said 'I just wanna tell ya, what you're doing with the UFC is awesome, man. I'm really happy for you. Happy everything's going well.' So then, don't I feel like the biggest dick in the world? He comes over and he's killin' me with kindness."

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