UFC Champion Jon Jones Arrested On Suspicion Of DWI, Suffers Minor Injuries (Updated)

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

TMZ is reporting that UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, was arrested earlier this morning in Binghamton, New York for a DWI. TMZ also reports that Jones totaled his Bentley in the process when he crashed it into a pole. No word on the physical condition Jones is in, but presumably he is unharmed, and no one else was hurt as a result either.

Jones was released a few hours later, after his mother arrived to post bail.

Jones is expected to defend his title against Mixed Martial Arts legend Dan Henderson later this summer. This will be Jones' 4th defense of the title.

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Jones isn't the only fighter to have had DUI's in the past, with perhaps Chris Leben's troubles being the most notorious. Yes, Jones is young and prone to making mistakes at 24, but this isn't a valid excuse for an obvious breaking of the law where other lives can be at risk.

There's no need to be preachy on this topic, since 'Don't drink and drive' should be common sense in most modern cultures by now. Jones' case is is interesting though, since he's a former law student and tries his utmost to put out a squeaky clean, role model image, sometimes annoying fans when it can come across forced and unnatural at times.

Jones in hindsight also appears to have put his foot in his mouth, when he said this back in April regarding his UFC Sponsorship going into the Rashad Evans fight:

"We came up with a strategy to keep it clean and be sponsored by the UFC itself. I’m glad the UFC wanted to work with me as well, and I think that they trust that I’ll never make them look bad. You never have to worry about me with a DWI (driving while under the influence) or doing something crazy," Jones explained.

Expect Dana White to be on the defensive with the "He's young and makes mistakes, f--k you, internet idiots" play.

UPDATE by Tim Burke: Jones' manager Malki Kawa of First Round Management issued a brief statement regarding the DUI (via MMA Fighting):

I can confirm that Jon Jones was arrested early this morning on suspicion of DUI," First Round Management's Malki Kawa said in the statement. "While the facts of this situation are still being gathered and situated, First Round Management fully supports Jon and we are asking for fans and media to respect the privacy of Jon and his family during this time.

Also, MMA Fighting has a report stating that Jones suffered minor injuries:

According to the Broome County Sheriff's Office, Jones was arrested at 5:02 a.m. after suffering "minor injuries" following a one-car accident wherein his car struck a pole. Sheriff's office officials refused to comment on whether there were any passengers in the car with Jones at the time of the accident.

TMZ has also updated their article with the Kawa statement above, and a text from UFC president Dana White:

Via text, UFC prez Dana White tells TMZ, "Wow, i guess its not my week is it?"

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