If ESPN Did a 30-for-30 on MMA, What Topic Would You Like to see Covered?

With the announcement that ESPN's awesome 30-for-30 is coming back, and with the trailer seemingly amiss of any MMA, it got me thinking. If a filmmaker would film a 30-for-30 style documentary about MMA, what should it be about? What would be most interesting? What would be the most fun to watch? What would you want to see?

Unfortunately, since ESPN doesn't have TV deals with MMA, it pays about as much attention to it it as does hockey, which they also don't have a contract with (wanking off motion). ESPN is the awful, but 30F30 and its sister, ESPN Films Presents, is pretty fricking sweet. Oh, and Catching Hell was the best doc they've ever done.

That being said, what would you like to see? Here are a few ideas:

The Gracies: This one jumps out to the forefront. The first-family of MMA, this would be great to show the beginnings of modern MMA as pioneers and getting UFC 1 set up. I can't stand the Gracies, personally, but there's no doubt there would be a lot of material.

Enter Brock: Talking about the crossover of pro-wrestling and MMA fans, how Brock spiked the numbers and eyes of the casual fan, took away from wrestling, and boosted the UFC to its highest point.

For the Light Heavyweight Championship: I think you can go two ways with this, either the three-way of Randy, Chuck, and Tito for the LHW belt for years that propelled the UFC from the dark ages, or just focus on the Chuck and Tito rivalry that was the first huge rivalry in UFC history.

The Ultimate Fighter: What saved the UFC. Discussion of behind-the-scenes of getting a reality show, their dealings with Spike, interviews with guys like Kos, Leben, Flo, Diego, etc... who were in the house, culminating in Bonnar-Forrest putting the UFC on the map huge and giving them a TV audience.

Human Cockfighting: The history and progress of getting MMA legitimized across the country in the face of people who oppose it. Fighting the good fight and slowly winning over state-by-state in the Zuffa era, getting on TV, getting back on PPV, getting stores to carry merch, etc...

Pride Never Die: A behind-the-scenes look at PRIDE, what made it great, the characters behind it, and ultimately, what caused it to collapse, the rumors and whispers about Yakuza and backroom dealings, and how the sale to the UFC went.

Do Not Pass Go: This is one that ESPN would absolutely LOVE. About the UFC "monopoly" and their methods and antics for dealing with anyone who opposes them or questions them.

Returning to its Roots: The newfound appreciation and boom for MMA in the middle and far east.

The World's Most Dangerous Man: From the Pancrase submission badass, to UFC pioneer and its most popular fighter, to the WWF, back to the UFC as a coach and feud against Tito Ortiz, to minutes away from fighting Kimbo in EliteXC, to suing the UFC, to fighting around the world just to make due, if you want a Greek tragedy, Ken Shamrock is your man.

Big Mac, The Whopper: The superhuman power Michael McDonald has in his hands.

Your Womb is so Polluted: The effect of BECW on Live Threads :)

But for cereal, kids, for Cinnamon Toast Crunch, what do you wanna see?

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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