Bloody Elbow Roundup: Faber's New Opponent, Maldonado Not Happy With Judging, Florian's Career

Demian Maia is training with Bruce Leroy in preparation for UFC 148. Yes, that's the real Bruce Leroy (real name Taimak) from The Last Dragon. Image via TMZ.

We're back with another edition of the Bloody Elbow News Roundup, and there's a lot to get to today. I could continue this paragraph with something witty or relevant, but how about we just skip the pleasantries and get to the good stuff. Why? Because that's how I roll.

Everyone knows by now that Urijah Faber is currently without an opponent for UFC 148. The UFC will finally address the issue this Friday on TUF Live, where Dana White will name the fighter that will meet Faber for the UFC interim bantamweight title in the co-main event on July 7th. The consensus favorites for the spot at the moment are Renan Barao and Michael McDonald

Speaking of TUF, if you haven't been following The Ultimate Fighter Brazil online and would prefer to watch it on television, Fuel will begin airing the show (which is way better than TUF Live in this blogger's opinion) on June 10th at 10pm EST.

You probably weren't wondering what happened at M-1 Challenge 32 earlier today, but here are the results anyway (via Sherdog). Former UFC fighter Mario Miranda is their new middleweight champion.

Light heavyweight Fabio Maldonado was understandably not happy with the judges after last night's loss to Igor Pokrajac at UFC on Fuel 3. He vented his frustration to Tatame in pretty blunt terms:

"I don't have an answer to that. There was a judge who scored it 30-27. There's no logic in it. I'm really sad. I won it and that's it. Everybody saw it, even the judges. The three judges who gave it to him know deep down I won. In my opinion it's not a mistake, is called having a bad character, mainly the one who scored 30-27... They want to f*** me up, they didn't want to give me the win once again."

After the jump, you can see what Kenny Florian has to say about retirement, read a quote from Melvin Guillard about becoming the champ one day, and a few other odds and ends.

Kenny Florian hasn't stepped in the cage since his loss to Jose Aldo at UFC 136 last October. He has stated that he would return to lightweight if he came back, but he wasn't sure about retirement at the moment. In a recent interview with Fight Hub, the UFC Tonight host addressed the retirement talk once again and said the next few months will decide whether he returns or not:

UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard is staying positive and believes he can be the champion one day still, despite some recent setbacks (via BuddhaSport):

"I still think I'm sitting pretty good. I'm ranked number 10 right now. I was ranked number five. When you look at our division it's so stacked so you don't see too many five and six fight win streaks against the top guys. So I think any the top guys deserve a shot at the belt at some point. There's no dominant guy in our weight class anymore at all, there's too much talent. I'm content with what's going on. You know you just have to keep working hard and keep training and keep on getting better. The more time I put in it just puts me closer to my goal and that's being the champion. I believe I can be champion at 155. There's no point for me to run to another weight class, I'm gonna be champion at 155."

Sure Melvin, sure.

Did you know that Sergei Kharitonov was going to take his first MMA fight since he left Stirkeforce on May 26th against Tony Lopez? Well, he was. According to Golden Glory trainer Martijn de Jong, he was forced out of the bout with an injury. Too bad, Sergei was always one of my favorites. That United Glory (kickboxing) card is still sick though. Check it out (via BuddhaSport).

One last thing. Dustin Poirier might have come up short against Chan Sung Jung last night at UFC on Fuel 3, but no one can deny his heart. His emotional post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani is worth a watch, just to show you how dedicated the guy really is. Seems like an awesome dude.

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