Bloody Elbow Is Looking For Bloggers/Online Blogging Course Starts Tonight

Just wanted to put the word out that BE is looking for some new blood. We're especially looking for news hounds/multi-media bloggers who can keep the news flowing, post all the latest videos, animated gifs and other cool stuff from the world of MMA. If you remember the great Nick Thomas, we'd like to clone him.

If you want to be considered just look at Nick's old blog and start posting that kind of thing in the FanPosts. Like all our staff positions it will begin as a part-time volunteer gig and progress from there if you are truly awesome.

I also wanted to make our readers aware of this online blogging course being taught by SBN's Sean Keeley. To sign up go to Sean's blog.

In a few weeks, I start teaching another blogging course at Syracuse University. I'm extremely excited for the opportunity and it's got my blog-teaching juices going. So much so that I've decided to hold some online blogging classes next week since it's been a while. I'm doing something a little different this time around. I've decided to break down the lessons into three distinct classes for specific types of people.

  • Intro To Blogging
  • Blogging 2.0
  • Sports Blogging 101

On Tuesday, May 15th, 7pm - 9pm ET, I'll be holding Intro To Blogging. This class is for anyone who has ever wanted to start a blog but didn't know where to begin as well as the blogger who signed up for Wordpress, wrote their first post and then realized they didn't know where to go from there. The two-hour online course will hold your hand as we go over the basics of blogging (how to start a blog, how to name it, what to write about, tips for building traffic). Everything you need to get off the ground and get blogging.

On Wednesday, May 16th, 7pm - 9pm ET, I'll be holding Blogging 2.0. Not only will this class build on what's discussed in the Intro class, but it will also provide critical info for those who want to really expand their community, their traffic, their search engine optimization and make a little money while doing it. If you've already gotten a blog off the ground but need help taking it to the next level, this class should be extremely helpful for you.

Finally, on Thursday, May 17th, 7pm - 9pm ET, I'll be holding Sports Blogging 101. As a sports blogger, I know that there are certainly rules, topics and tricks that apply only to us. Building a sports community is unlike anything else on the web and this class will be all about how a sports blog goes from a voice in the crowd to leading the discussion. If you're just starting a sports blog or want to learn some tips and tricks to make your current one even more popular, this is for you.

Since I know not everyone can be available at those times, I wanted to make sure that you could still take the classes. Each class will be recorded and the slides used in each presentation will be provided to everyone who signs up. So even if you can't make it on those days and at those times, you can still sign up for the classes and take part.

If you're interested in signing up for any or all of the classes, you can do so below. Each class is $50 and you have until an hour before each class to sign up. Upon payment, you'll receive an email confirmation from me that includes a link to the webinar page where the classes will take place.

To sign up go to Sean's blog.

Sean's Bio

With over ten years of experience in professional blogging and online writing, Sean Keeley understands what it means to create, build and maintain an independent blog from scratch as well as manage and maintain a blog owned by another company. He now supports himself solely on income based on his blogs.

Sean founded the Syracuse sports blog Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician in 2006 and has since grown it into the No. 1 independent Syracuse blog, averaging more than 700K pageviews/month. The site has been featured on, Yahoo! Sports, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Deadspin, and many other sites.

Note that taking Sean's class is for your benefit only and will not influence our decisions about who to bring onto the staff.

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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