Interview with Bellator 69 fighter Dave "Caveman" Rickels!

We are here with our latest interview with Bellator Welterweight tournament fighter Dave "The Caveman" Rickels he is 10 and 0 and coming off a 22 second win over Jordan Smith and will be taking on Karl Amoussou at upcoming Bellator 69 this Friday on MTV2! He sits down with us to talk about Diablo, Joe Wilk and why Karl Amoussou will have trouble eating after this Friday.

GFMMA: What has been your toughest fight so far?

DR: As far as competition wise my last fight Jordan Smith was 17-2 but knocked him out in 22 seconds I’ve had tough fights with guys with not good records.

GFMMA: Where do you train out of?

DR: Combative sports center in Manhattan Kansas with the Snoz Joe Wilk.

GFMMA: Do you work on any areas of your game specifically?
DR: Nothing specific I always make sure I have good cardio with hard rounds and mentally push yourself I want to be ready to be pushed.

GFMMA: Who is your favorite fighter to watch?
DR: Mirko Cro crop when he was kicking people’s heads off it made me want to start kickboxing.

GFMMA: Do you have any fighters that you try to emulate yourself after?
DR: I’m kind of like Chris Leben, he goes in there and lets them fly he’s one of my favorite fighters.

GFMMA: What do you do in your free time?
DR: I like to nerd out and play a lot of video games I am the definition of geek fight MMA I am waiting for diablo 3 to come out I am going to retire when that comes out.

GFMMA: Where do you see your career in three years?
DR: I’m currently with Bellator and looking to win the tournament they are all good fighters and then beat Ben Askren. Then the UFC is the end goal but I am really happy with Bellator

GFMMA: Why should I watch Dave Rickels?
DR: You should watch me because I put it on the line I don’t know how many fights I’ve watched where they talked about strategy I have no strategy I like to finish my fights I’ve had two decisions and it makes me sick I never want to see it again expect the unexpected

GFMMA: Who is your next opponent?
DR: Karl Amoussou, he is tough he is coming down from middleweight but he is not much bigger, though we kind of fight the same he has a little less technique he has a killer instinct and one of us is getting fucked up or knocked out and I think it will be him.

GFMMA: Why do you fight?
DR: The caveman mentality the strong survive, the glory from winning is huge all the hard work paid off and smashing faces legally is fun!

GFMMA: Who are some local fighters we should look out for?
DR: Jake Lindsey, Brandon bear, john Bryant those are the beasts, Josh Pfiefer and Nick Garrett.

GFMMA: Do you ever want to go to to a different gym and train?
DR: I train out of two main gyms, JMGK out of Wichita, we went to Josh Neers and then go to Grudge in Colorado and we went to see the Blacklizians and went on meat day and that’s when they bring in fresh guys for them to beat up and we were the meat I’m glad I had a mouthpiece.

GFMMA: If you could punch anyone in the face who would it be?
DR: Probably Jon Bones Jones I would sucker punch him and run away!

GFMMA: What do you do for your Conditioning?
DR: A lot of sprints and stairs workouts based on 25-30 minutes simulating the fight, you have to be able to continue later in the fight and we do the shark tanks every 2 and half minutes send in a fresh guy and I also use the training mask.

GFMMA: What do you eat for Nutrition?
DR: Some would say it’s not perfect but I don’t cut a lot of weight but I try to eat cleaner foods but portion size I can eat whatever I want

GFMMA: What do you think of Ben Askren?
DR: When the sleeping pill Ambien wants to sleep it takes Ben Askren. At least he admits he will use his wrestling and hold you for 25 minutes I just hope someone can put him down brutally they are respecting him too much like when people fight jones, I thought Jay Heiron beat him but who knows.

GFMMA: Where did the whole Caveman nickname come from?
DR: It comes from the way I look I showed up at the gym when I was 18 I had a long beard and hair down to my shoulders and would just brawl with everybody and get my ass whooped so bad, I had the Neanderthal look and it just stuck ever since.

GFMMA: How do you see the fight ending?
DR: It’s going to me end with me screaming to the camera with my caveman mouthpiece and the fans going insane and Karl eating French fries and baguettes with a broken jaw!

GFMMA: Do you want to mention any sponsors?
DR: Onnit labs, training mask, Everlast, skins USA, KO Representatives, galaxy supplements.

Thanks to Dave for taking the time to sit down with us, be sure to check him out live at Bellator 69 in on May 18th live on MTV2 and stop by his gym Combative Sports in Manhattan, Kansas! That's all for this interview brought to you by Geek Fight MMA. Be sure to check out our past interviews, like our page, tell us who else we should interview and whatever else you want to tell us about the MMA world!

Nick "Clark" Cody

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