Bloody Elbow News Roundup: UFC Primetime Video, Hendo Analyzes Jon Jones, Mayhem's Man Laws

Yoshihiro Akiyama shows off his torn ACL. He suffered the injury when training with Masato apparently.

We're back with another version of the Bloody Elbow News Roundup, and we've got a lot to cover today. Did you know that Jason "Mayhem" Miller was a guest writer in Maxim this month? Or that Daniel Cormier is doing goofy promos with kids to promote his Strikeforce bout with Josh Barnett next weekend? How about Dan Henderson sitting down for close to a half hour to analyze the heck out of UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones? Well, here's your place to catch up on all the stuff you missed.

Let's start with some simple stuff. If you missed the UFC on Fuel 3 weigh-in video today, we got you covered. Did you miss the first episode of UFC Primetime: Dos Santos vs. Mir? Check it out here. Want to see Daniel Cormier get pseudo-attacked by some martial arts students in a Strikeforce promo? We got you.

If you didn't catch the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil (a guy gassed so bad he couldn't get up), check the recap here (via

UFC 149 sold out quickly in Calgary. Not exactly surprising, since they've never been there before and Canadian scalpers loooove the UFC (via MMA Weekly).

We all know Dan Henderson is a smart dude, if a bit goofy sometimes. He's obviously doing a lot of things right to be able to last this long in such a brutal sport, and these videos illustrate the analytical side of Hendo. He sat down with for close to half an hour and talked about his UFC 151 opponent Jon Jones. If you have the time, it's definitely worth a watch. Here's part one and you can catch part two (and a little Mayhem life coaching) after the jump.

Finally, one of the more amusing things I came across today involved Mayhem in Maxim. Mr. Miller was a guest writer in the men's magazine this month, and wrote a piece entitled "Mayhem's 7 Man Laws". It's pretty humorous and quite intelligent, though I'm not quite sure why he had to use the word "goddamn" so often. Here's a bit about him meeting famed author Chuck Palahniuk:

I introduced myself, and poured my heart out on how his book sent my life in a crazy right turn, inspiring me to channel my youthful aggression into fighting. After that, I stammered through some specific questions I wanted answered, and first he gave half-ass answers that said "I'm tired, beat it." Then he deflected them, and focused on the fact I was a fighter. He gave me the advice, "Be careful, don't get a detached retina."

Yeah, thanks a lot for the tip pal. I didn't come here to receive an ophthalmological exam.

Dejected, I walked back out to the busy L.A. street and yelled "CHUCK PALAHNIUK DIDN'T TEACH ME SH*T!!!!!"

On the way back to the car, I was thinking more and more about the meeting, then I realized something. Without words, Chuck was saying something much larger. He was saying, "Figure it out your f**king self. I didn't work my ass off to be an awesome writer just to give out the knowledge for free to some mouth-breather with cauliflower ear!"

I got it, Chuck.

If you can't learn from an experience, it's because you haven't thought about it hard enough. I thought about this one and figured out that it's up to you to have the courage to risk your ass trying to make your dreams come true. If you quit shy of your goals, you're the only one that has to live with it.

Mayhem will return to the cage at UFC 146 against C.B. Dollaway on May 26th

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