Piecing together what happened with the Estima/Diaz weigh-ins

I posted something like this in a comment on a fanshot, but let's bring it to more attention and work on this together. I have been trying to detective-work my way into understanding what happened with these weigh-ins, and I think I have the basic outline. I have seen many people get it wrong, and while I don't know that I'm right, I'm at least trying to not say anything that directly contradicts known facts. But you guys help me out, and we'll refine the story until we feel confident.

So here's what I think happened:

1) Braulio shows up not knowing when the weigh-in would be, or even what weight the target was. He had heard 180, but no one had given him anything in writing. He assumes that the weigh-in will be on the day of the match, just like it is for every other grappling competition that he does.

2) Braulio gets there Friday and attempts to negotiate a weight agreement with Cesar. In the interest of making an honest, open discussion, he mentions that he is 189, and someone in the room leaks this info to Layzie.

3) Cesar says “The weight is 180, and Nick has already made it, and it’s too late to change because Nick has eaten.”

4) Braulio says “Well, I can’t do that, but I can be at 180 tomorrow [which is bad for me because it means Nick will be bigger].”

5) Both sides complain about each other, with Braulio being more justified, but Nick is more justified in Nick’s mind than anyone is anywhere, so he self-righteously scrams.

What do you think about this general sequence of events? Is there anything that is contradicted by evidence? Is there anything I've failed to account for? I'm sure there is, and with your help we can

Now there's one more thing I have to mention...

There is a video that makes Braulio look bad (you guessed it: MiddleEasy) and that seems to call into question his Saturday weigh-in. But this video is clearly making an attack out of a misunderstanding. Here's the deal: Braulio mentions that he weighed in Saturday and that he was observed by someone from Cesar's camp. He says the name is "Lana" but that's all he knows, and Layzie jumps in with "Ronda? Ronda Rousey" and Braulio says "Yeah."

Then MiddleEasy cuts to Ronda saying she wasn't there, and therefore Braulio is a lying liar who lies, and therefore Nick was right to run.

However, if you watch again, it seems obvious that Braulio said "Lana" but he wasn't sure, and when Layzie offers "Ronda" Braulio basically says "Yeah, that might be it." He is in the middle of a loud crowd, talking in his second language about someone he doesn't know, and he thinks "Maybe I heard it wrong. After all, there can't be a Lana and a Ronda, right?"

But there is. Lana Stefanac from Cesar's camp was who he meant. And she was there, as she confirmed on Open Mat Radio. (At least, that's what some YouTube commenters say. I will try to find the audio, but I believe them until I do.)

Anyway, i had to add that digression when I saw that video, but that's the kind of thing we'll have to do if we want to have a good grasp on the truth.

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