Is Nick Diaz Scared Homie?


With the current bedlam emerging from Stockton’s own enigmatic star avoiding a charitable Brazilian Jiu-jitsu super bout, Nick Diaz’s true motives require some thorough investigation. Why’d you really do it Nick?

Perhaps Diaz had awoken to a sunlit Stockton morning, drawn the blinds, stretched his waking limbs and figured – "It’s what ever, y’know". Maybe Nick just wasn’t in the mood yesterday. Instead of competing, it’s possible that Cesar Gracie’s prized pupil fancied lazing around his Californian home indolently browsing YouTube videos while puffing away on his finest herb stash. Or, is it so far-fetched and nutty to suggest that Nick Diaz evaded an appearance at the World Ju-Jitsu Expo because he was afraid to lose? Dun-Dun-Dunnnn

The proud Californian is no stranger to such heightened controversy. Throughout his tumble dryer like career, the 28 year old has managed to dodge press conferences, skip drug tests (and fail them) and even Jason Bourne his way out of his own coaches home, sneaking out from Cesar Gracie’s back door leading up to the pre-fight GSP press conference. The burning question is why?

Myself and many other certified internet psychiatrists alike have often times attempted to dissect and analyse Nick’s perplexing behaviour. Does Nick suffer from anxiety related issues, which in effect, hinder his ability to perform media obligated tasks in his current line of work? Has enduring such a tough and dangerous childhood lead to such anxiety and paranoia which appear to currently plague his adult life? Are these the reasons for Nick’s erratic and irresponsible attitude? I’m sure there are a plethora of psychological explanations behind Diaz’s wacky behaviour, but perhaps underneath all of the confusion, there lies one simple answer – Nick Diaz doesn’t like facing world-class grapplers.

The last time the Stockton bad boy had locked horns with a truly elite level wrestler, was back in 2006 against Sean Sherk, a fight which he had lost. "The Muscle Shark" is still to date renowned for his excelling wrestling ability and commanding take downs. Ironically enough, it wasn’t Sherk’s wrestling prowess which managed to conquer Nick’s best efforts, but rather, his boxing and snappy combinations (oh how the tables have turned).

Before his tussle with Sherk, Nick clocked up back to back losses to Joe Riggs and Diego Sanchez. Although both bouts were very hard-fought decisions, it’s imperative to note that both fights contained numerous back and forth heavy grappling exchanges – especially in the contest with Diego Sanchez.

Also worthy of note was Nick’s scrap with Judo ace, Karo Parisyan. In a three round thriller, the Armenian utilised a number of Judo trips and throws to edge out a split decision victory over a grumpy Nick Diaz.

Although BJ Penn is one of the most gifted grapplers in the sport, other than his brief spurt of success in round one, "The Prodigy" was content to stand and sustain a barrage of Stockton slaps from a determined Nick Diaz.

Since 2006, Diaz has been fed a steady diet of in your face type strikers, and he’s managed to best almost all of them. He skipped the pre-fight drug test with Jay Hieron (a more than competent grappler), refused to square off with Jason Miller, eluded from the pre-fight press conference with Georges St Pierre and has now topped them all with the evasion of his scheduled BJJ super-fight with Braulio Estima. Is there not a very evident pattern emerging here? Or do you find the idea of Diaz ducking fights to be ridiculous?

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