Improving the BE Experience: What would you like to see more of?

Bloody Elbow has long been my one-stop resource for all things MMA. From the commenting system (for those who don't know: you can press z to navigate through comments, it's a life changer!) to Crooklyn's interviews to Dallas' meticulous dissections to Anton's coverage of Asian MMA to Scott Haber, Josh Nason and Tim Burke's relentless news output to Mike Riordan's wrestling pieces to Thapa, KJ and TP's grappling coverage to Fraser's (and hopefully Jack Slack's) stand-out stand-up analysis and Brent and Kid Nate's editorials, this place is chock-full of outstanding MMA news and views.

Add to that a community that produces at least a handful of valuable and/or entertaining FanPosts almost every day as well as comment sections filled to the brim with gifs, snark and general mutherfukity and you have a pretty damn outstanding website. That being said, this site can continue to improve. Obviously there is a limit on the amount of hours the BE writers can put in but I thought this would be a fun exercise - besides, who's to say we couldn't provide some of this coverage ourselves?

Follow the jump for my suggestions and please sound off in the comments!

MMA Coverage

I love the Asian MMA coverage BE provides but I'd like to hear much, much more about what is going on in Brazil and Europe. Most event coverage on BE relates to fight cards that are available on American TV, free streams or PPV but I know I'm missing out on a ton of Brazilian events. Since Orcus isn't on staff anymore, maybe one or more of the many Brazilians on BE could chip in with previews, recaps, fighters to watch, etc.?

As for European coverage, I would be willing to sum up the Scandinavian MMA news from MMA Viking & other Nordic sites every now and then but only if anyone is interested (yes, I'm vain like that). It was great having a Polish MMA fan chime in on KSW in the comment section and I'm sure there are hundreds of other knowledgeable European on this site.

Coverage of other Martial Arts

I'm a very casual kickboxing fan; I love watching the sport but I'm terrible at keeping up with what is going on. I know I could just visit Liverkick but I'd much rather if someone told me what and who to watch. I know Fraser already does kickboxing updates and that the dearth of kickboxing news is largely thanks to, well, the dearth of kickboxing events but it would be awesome with in-depth previews of It's Showtime, United Glory and K-1 events as well as brief but regular updates on the kickboxing scene.

Just like many boxing articles on here are links to or quotes from Bad Left Hook + some analysis, I'd love it if someone would keep track of what's going on in all the striking-related martial arts. A striking equivalent to Matwork! would be fantastic.

Editorials on Judging

I've called for this a number of times since I feel it is one of the most overlooked areas of MMA; people will talk about poor judges and commissions but there is very little discussion of the Unified Rules and what could be done to improve them. Fagan wrote a good piece a while ago about abolishing octagon control, Dallas has written on the usage of 10-10 and 10-8 rounds and there's been an enjoyable BE Roundtable on judging but I want MOAR!

Again, if the interest is there I do have an idea for a series of FanPosts each dealing with one separate element of rules & judging in MMA to facilitate discussion (eg. one about legal strikes, one about draws, one about 10-10s, one about open scoring, one about octagon control & aggression, one about what constitutes effective grappling, etc.).

Promoting FanPosts

Far be it for me to tell the BE staff what they should or shouldn't do but I would strongly suggest they frontpaged more FanPosts. I'm not necessarily talking about features like the awesomely awesome YWICS since that piece is a combination of a complete TV schedule, betting advice, random youtube videos and talk about other sports (and thus might not necessarily be very front page-y) but stuff like tigerlee's excellent MMA Transaction Wire or BVandDietPepsi's 2011 Top 235 deserve a wider audience in my opinion. In addition to that, it's a nice pat on the back for those who put in time and expertise for the good of the BE community.

FanPost authors I'd like to read more from

I know I'm forgetting a ton but here goes: krcampbell needs to start writing his early UFC and Pride recaps again. He has hinted at it but he might need reminding of how much we loved those! Patrick Wyman needs to write some more even though he's apparently a busy man. SSReporters needs to produce more of his snark. crazybones should share some more of his knowledge, as should Dave Strummer. ( . Y . )'s FanPost before UFC 145 was hilarious - more please! skeebop is a stat magician and should post some more. Also, keep writing training blogs, everybody.

Oh yes, and gspmademegay and tomvale13 should keep up the insanity!

Off-topic posts

This isn't a suggestion but just something I wanted to bring up; we've had a couple of off-topic posts recently about music and games. How does everyone feel about them? Should we have a weekly off-topic post where people can go crazy in an effort to keep the non-fanpost comment sections a bit more on topic?

So, what do you all want? More judo chops, less gifs, more MMA coverage, less non-MMA coverage, more BECW fanposts, less BECW-related comments in the live threads, more fighter biographies, more history pieces, a new This Week In Quotes feature? Let's hear it!

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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