2012 FILA World Cup Of Freestyle Wrestling Live Results & Play By Play

The world's largest wrestling practice facility, in Azerbaijan, host of the 2012 FILA World Cup of Freestyle Wrestling.

Fellow BE insomniacs and wrestle-heads, join us tonight at 01:00 AM ET / 10:00 PM PT / 06:00 AM GMT for the results and play by play discussion of the 2012 FILA World Cup of Freestyle Wrestling, live from Baku, Azerbaijan.

USA Wrestling have a team ready to continue their winning ways with such standouts as World Champion Jordan Burroughs and Jake Varner. The last major international tournament in Freestyle Wrestling before the London 2012 Summer Olympics, many of the heavy hitters on the global scene are also taking part, and as Mike Riordan points out, this is the most important pre-Olympic test for Team USA, who has not won the World Cup in nearly a decade.


2012 FILA World Cup of Freestyle Wrestling Preview | U.S. Freestyle Wrestling Olympic Trials Preview | Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Cejudo Retires From Wrestling

The competition pools are as follows:

Pool A: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan,and Russia
Poll B: USA, Georgia, Japan, Iran and Turkey

The US will be wrestling Japan in the first round.

The following initially listed wrestlers will not be participating:

USA: 84kg: Jake Herbert, World silver medalist

Belarus: 96kg: Ruslan Sheikov, World bronze x3 (NO SHOW)

Bulgaria: 55kg: Radislov Velikov, World gold and silver, Olympic bronze (NO SHOW)
60kg: Anatolie Guidea, World silver (NO SHOW)
66kg: Serafim Barzakov, World gold x2, World silver x2 (NO SHOW)

Georgia: 66kg: Otar Tushishvili, World bronze x3, Olympic bronze (NO SHOW)
96kg: Giorgi Gogshelidze, World gold, silver and bronze (NO SHOW)

Kazakhstan: 74kg: Abdulhakim Shapiev, World bronze (NO SHOW)

Grappling Editor KJ Gould and Bloody Elbow Wrestling contributor Coach Mike Riordan will be handling the action throughout the night.

USA RESULTS: USA beats Japan 5 matches to 2 in Session 1

USA beats Turkey 5 matches to 2 in Session 2

USA gets a bye to Session 4

USA loses to Iran 3 matches to 4 in Session 4

USA VS Iran quick results:

55KG Rahimi (Iran) def Simmons (USA) 2-1, 2-0 two straight periods.
60KG Coleman (USA) def Eshanpoor (Iran) 3-0, 2-1 two straight periods.
66KG Taghavi Kermani (Iran) def Frayer (USA) 1-0, 1-0 two straight periods.
74KG Burroughs (USA) def Goudarzi (Iran) 1-0, 2-0 two straight periods.
84KG Amini (Iran) def Gavin (USA) 6-0, 0-2, 1-1 points majority.
96KG Yazdani (Iran) def Varner (USA) 3-1, 7-0 two straight periods.
120KG Dlagnev (USA) def Hadi Basmanj (Iran) 1-0, 1-0 two straight periods.

Session 4

USA vs Iran

55KG Rahimi (Iran) def Simmons (USA)

60KG Coleman (USA) vs Eshanpoor (Iran)

Coleman scores a duck and pushout to win first period.

Coleman scores again, winning second period 2-1, 2 periods to none.

66KG Frayer (USA) vs Mehdi (Iran)

Mehdi takes first period 1-0.

Mehdi stuffs the head, and shoots on the recoil, drives through for a takedown and scores 1 point in the second, wins two straight periods.

74KG Burroughs (USA) vs Goudarzi (Iran)

Rematch of last year's World finals. Lot of feeling out in first minute, Burroughs reacts to a suspected eye poke, but continues to wrestle. Trying level changes in last 30 seconds but can't get in for a takedown. Period ends, Burroughs gets to pick a ball, gets the single leg and finishes to win the period.

Goudarzi warned this time for poking the eyes. 30 seconds and Burroughs changes levels for a shot but gets stuffed. Burroughs gets a push out 1-0. Scramble ensues after Goudarzi is on on Burroughs leg, Burroughs manages to spin Goudarzi for another pushout, leading 2-0. Time expires, Burroughs wins 2 straight periods.

84KG Gavin (USA) vs Amini (Iran)

Amini clowns Gavin twice with a couple of fireman's carries off the whizzer, which Gavin gave him by underhooking. Easy first period for the Iranian.

Gavin scores early in the second period, 1-0. Gavin whizzers Amini, but posted his arm out of bounds, giving Amini a point, tying it 1-1. It's now been reviewed, and the officials don't count the arm posted outside, taking the point away form the Iranian! Back to 1-0. Gavin manages to finish period 2-0, making it one period each.

Gavin looking for a low single early but stopped. And it appears the stream has been shut down. Score ends up 1-1 in 3rd period, but a points total of 7-3 wins it for Amini.

96KG Varner (USA) vs Yazdani (Iran)

Varner got handled pretty badly, losing two straight periods, 4-0 in the second period.

120KG Dlagnev (USA) vs Hadi Basmanj (Iran)

Dlagnev with 1 point scored to 0 in the first period.

Neither able to score in the second period, Dlagnev gets the leg and finishes with a pushout. Dlagnev wins 2 periods to none.

More results after the jump.

Session 2

USA vs Turkey quick results:

55KG Hazewinkel (USA) def Turkey due to forfeit
60KG Coleman (USA) def Mahmout (TUR) 4-2, 5-0 two straight periods.
66KG Frayer (USA) def Kuyucu (TUR) 8-1, 5-1 two straight periods.
74KG Burroughs (USA) def Batuhan (TUR) 3-0, 3-1 two straight periods.
84KG Bolukbasi (TUR) def Gavin (USA) 1-5, 3-1, 3-1 best two out of three periods.
96KG Backi (TUR) def Varner (USA) 1-0, 3-1 two straight periods.
120KG Dlagnec (USA) def Riza (TUR) 1-0, 4-0 two straight periods.

More results after the jump.

Hometown heroes time, as Azerbaijan takes on Russia.

55KG Magomedov (AZ) vs Artas (Rus)

Magomedov with a throwby underhook to a single for 1 point and the first period.

Magomedov with high crotch, steps over, sticks in the boot and creates exposure. Aze only with 2-0, the may be saying Aze initiated the scramble. Unerhook throwby single again, Magamedov wins the match 2 straight periods. Home crowd beginning to warm up.

60KG Aliyev (AZ) vs Bagmaev (RUS)

Bagmaev being the aggressor early on. No points scored yet near end of the first period. Bagmaev with a push out and a point and edges period 1.

Bagmaev aggressive with a high crotch attempt and stays on it until he has it down for 1 point. Head inside single with a cutback finish for Aliev. Aliev escapes the single with a Russian spin. Aliev wins second period.

Aliev shoots, hard whizzer from Bagmaev, limp arm finish and a point for Azerbaijan. Pushout and exposure gets Aliev two more points, leading 3-0. Bagmaev with one point scored, but not enough as Azerbaijan wins 2 periods to 1.

66KG Hasanov (AZ) vs Murtazaliev (RUS)

Hasanov all over Murtazaliev, scoring at will and is up 5-0 near the end of the first period. Most dominant showing for Azerbaijan so far.

Both look got iside collar tie control from the beginning of period 2, Hasanov changes levels and gets a simple but effective single on Murtazaliev, scoring 1 point in the first 30 seconds. Murtazaliev can't finish from the low lift, and Hasanov takes him down for another point. Hasanov takes the match 2 periods to none.

74KG Aliyev (AZ) vs Shamsudinov (RUS)

Jordan Burroughs beat Aliyev in the World semi-finals last year, for reference.

A lot of fighting for control in the tie up for most of the first period, Aliev changes levels and attempts a low single but to no avail. Goes to a ball grab, and Shamsudinov finishes a high single easily.

Aliyev manages a takedown for 1 point in the last few seconds of the 2nd period.

Aliyev with a takedown early in the 3rd, 1 point. Scramble ensuing, Aliyev gets the better of it and scores another takedown. Aliyev wins the match 2 periods to 1.

84KG Sharifov (AZ) vs Ibragimov (RUS)

AZ storming ahead with 5 points in the first period.

Takedown for RUS in first minute of 2nd period, 1 point. AZ comes back with 2 points, and takes the second period and match.

96KG Gazmuyov (AZ) vs Akhmedov (RUS)

AZ the aggressor and takes first period.

AZ with a takedown for 1 point. AZ takes the match 2 periods to none.

120KG Magomedov (AZ) vs Nurasulov (RUS)

AZ with a tripping takedown, and squeaks out 1 point with less than 15 seconds left in the first period. AZ takes the first period 1-0.

a lot of distance measuring by RUS, looking for a shot. AZ drops down tries a High Crotch but blocked easily. Looks like we're going to the ball bag. AZ gets the pick, but RUS gets the leg. RUS finishes the single and takes the 2nd period.

Final period:

Duck to high crotch and a finish by AZ, scoring 1 point. AZ scores another point. AZ looks for a turnover with a half nelson, hard to tell if he got a pin or just exposure with seconds left in the period. Regardless, AZ wins the match.

Session 1

Azerbaijan TV is showing Kazakhstan vs Belarus, over USA vs Japan. Booooooo!

55KG Niyazbezkov (Kazakhstan) vs Hasanau (Belarus)

Sweet duck under by Niyazbezkov.. Knee pull single by Niyazbezkov.. Turned Hasanau with a bow and arrow. Niyazbezkov wins with two straight periods.

66KG Spiridonov (Kazakhstan) vs Serada (Belarus)

Spiridonov takes the first period easily 2-0.

Sweet sweep single by Spiridonov. Spiridonovtakes it easily, 2 periods to none.

74KG Osamanov (Kazakhstan) vs Soltan (Belarus)

Go behind and gutwrench for Osamanov, 3 points. Both guys look about one weight class bigger than they're competing at. Osamanov takes first period easy.

Osamanov having vaseline applied to eyebrow after a clash of heads. Action continues in second period, until time runs out and Osamanov wins 2 straight periods.

84KG Semyonov (Kazakhstan) vs Mahamedau (Belarus)

First period goes to a draw, and the ball bag of doom makes its first appearance. Mahamedau won the grab and took the period, then dominates second period 6-0 making it two straight.

96KG DZHUMAYEV (Kazakhstan) vs Isayeu (Belarus)

Dzumayev with 3 points in the first minute of period 1. Go behind for Dzumayev, 4-0. Tries to run a power half with the leg in and gets reversed!

Isayeu scores a point in the first minute of period 2. Isayeu all over Dzumayev, gets behind him and tries to control.

1 period each, making this the most competitive match aired thus far. Knee pull single to tree top finish, textbook technique from Isayeu and 1 point for a pushout. Isayeu looing to breakdown from the back, back to their feet. Isayeu wins period 2-0, and the match 2 periods to 1.

BREAKING NEWS: Burroughs over Takatani 2-1

120KG Mutalimov (Kazkhstan) vs Shemarov (Belarus)

Shemarov is current world champ, taking on Mutalimov the world Bronze medalist.

BREAKING NEWS: Frayer beats Yonemitsu (EDIT: This may be incorrect, FILA reports Yonemitsu won 3-1 CP)

Mutalimov wins first period, Sheramov scores 1 point for pushout near end of second, but losesmatch to Mutalimov in an upset!

The rest of Varner (USA) vs Yamaguchi (Japan) on now. Kazakhstan beat Belarus 5-2 in match totals. Varner crushes Yamagchi.

Japan's Heavyweight forfeits, no replacement found.

55KG Rahimi (Iran) vs Ahmet (Turkey)

Rahimi wins the 1-1 after a completed single leg edges him ahead of Ahmet.

60KG Eschanpoor (Iran) vs Mahmut (Turkey)

Warning for hard clubbing, missed high crotch by Iran, eye poke by Iran. 1st Period over, 1-0 Eschanpoor.

Beautiful step around snatch single by Iran, turns him immediately with the rare freestyle chicken wing. Eschanpoor pins Mahmut from top saddle double grapevines.

66KG Mehdi (Iran) vs Kuyucu (Turkey)

Simple head inside single, gets a point. Mehdi 1-0.

Beautiful high crotch off the underhook by Mehdi and gets the exposure points. Low single by Mehdi, having an easy time with Kuyucu. Mehdi wins it 3-0, 2 periods to none.

74KG Goudarzi (Iran) vs Ayhan (Turkey)

Goudarzi is the World Silver medalist and easy favorite in this bout.

4-1 Goudarzi first period, he must have gotten exposure on that last pushout.

Nice head inside single by Goudarzi, finishes to the far side. Scores on a sweep single up 2-0. Scores on a short series and gets exposure, wins 3-0. 4-1, 3-0 to straight periods for Goudarzi.

84KG Amini (Iran) vs Bilici (Turkey)

Amini wins first period after an ugly looking takedown.

Contested single-leg attempt that ends up in a pushout for Amini. Failed shot by Bilici, easily stuffed by Amini. Bilici trying for clubbing collar tie and is aggressive, but Amini takes the second period on points, winning two straight.

96KG Yazdani (Iran) vs Bakci (Turkey)

Yazdani is World Champion and a beast. Muscles Bakci easily for an early push out in first 10 seconds. High Crotch from Yazdani to out of bounds and a pushout. Yazdani crushes Bakci easily on points.

120KG Ghasemi (Iran) vs Faruk (Turkey)

Iran continues to roll easily, as Ghasemi crushes Faruk.

Azerbaijan TV favoured the Iran vs Turkey mat over Russia vs Bulgaria, results of the latter unknown at this point.

Edit: Iran beat Turkey with a perfect 7-0, Russia beat Bulgaria 6 matches to 1.

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