UFC 146: Frank Mir Questions Junior Dos Santos' Ground Game, JDS Says Mir Has No Courage In Rough Spots

At UFC 146, Frank Mir will be looking to take advantage of a string of circumstances that led to his promotion to the main event title shot against Junior dos Santos. Mir was slated to face Cain Velasquez in a co-main event bout that would have determined a number one contender to the heavyweight title, but when Alistair Overeem tested positive for elevated testosterone it opened the door for Mir.

Mir was on Inside MMA and when discussing dos Santos' game, didn't speak too highly of his ground game:

From the video:

When you fight Dos Santos, I don't think it's any secret, he has no chance of winning the fight if it goes to the ground. The only time I've ever seen him take a shot is when he's pretty handily winning the fight and I think he just does it just to...maybe a change of pace to throw people off their game. But you see when people engage him, he's a throw punches and run kinda guy and he's not going to sit there and get taken down and fight that battle. If he was capable of doing it, we'd probably have seen it already. Fact is, he avoids it like it's poison.

For his part, JDS didn't exactly have nothing but nice things to say about Mir's game.

When speaking to USA Today, dos Santos was complimentary of Mir as a tough opponent but seemed less than impressed with certain aspects of Frank's game:

Frank Mir is dangerous. He's a fighter that needs to be taken seriously. But he's also a fighter that talks too much. His style of promoting fights is to just talk a lot.

He previously said that he was faster than me. That's only in his dreams.


I think when Mir's in a good spot in the fight - when he's in a good moment and in a good position - he's very dangerous. But Mir doesn't really know how to get through rough spots in a bout.

When he gets in those rough spots, his courage goes out the window; his aggression goes out the window.

MIR: Dos Santos an easier match-up than Cain

What happened against Nogueira in his last fight was really an anomaly, because Mir got caught standing up. He got caught. He was ready to go down, ready to go out; and he was able to get through that and come back. That never happens in Mir's fights.

Usually when Mir gets into a little bit of trouble during a fight, he can't come back from it.

There's a lot more good stuff in that interview with USA Today, and I think it's more proof that dos Santos has a great personality and ability to talk about fights that we haven't seen fully exploited. I don't know if it's the whole being from Brazil thing or what, but he should really be front-and-center a lot more than he has been since winning the title.

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