BECW3 Post-Draft Recap (UPDATED to include Season Schedule)

2500+ comments, huh? I bet only 500 of those were people laughing at picking fails. kreally, IRodC, Paulo Filho's Shrink, Horselover .... YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO PICK PEOPLE THAT ARE AVAILABLE.

Now, with that out of the way, here are this season's rosters. gspmademegay, Violent Newt and Horselover were kind enough to send me their draft sheets so I've taken their rankings and merged them with mine to produce a consensus draft that I have used to evaluate every pick. If you're listed as a very poor pick, it's not that we all think you'll suck* - we just wouldn't have picked you this soon.

Every division after the jump ...

(*it's probably also a little bit because we think you'll suck)

Division Helio


We Toquinho

Captain: gspmademegay

Draft # Name Value
1 John Danaher's Hair Average (1)
24 ludakrish Below average (31)
25 Sebastiaan Tauran Outrageously bad (78)
48 dribblebib Terrific (32)
49 HurricaneHeron Average (47)
72 gugabe Below average (79)
73 mollcutpurse Average (76)
96 DirtyML Very good (85)
97 Seth Smiley Good (90)
119 DreamingOfFighting Sensational (98)

Make no mistake, JDH was a great 1st pick (he was 1st, 1st, 2nd and 3rd on our four sheets). Most people were shocked to see Sebastiaan Tauran go so early as his innate gravitation towards the Hammer of Ban was thought to outweigh his solid combine numbers while dribblebib was a great pickup at #48 and Dreaming of Fighting was a real steal as the 2nd-last pick (it was almost quite literally a steal as gspmademegay moved up one spot to get him thanks to OBP's computer being infected by a porn virus)

Overall verdict: Quite solid. While the early rounds were considered hit & miss, gspmademegay is thought to have picked up a few steals along the way.

Patak's Chilli Pickles

Captain: T.C. Engel

Draft # Name Value
12 Tim Bernier Average (14)
13 SSReporters Below average (21)
36 Patrick Wyman Average (38)
37 sun yue Good (28)
57 Patrick Tenney Average (57)
61 KMcCaig Poor (73)
84 memitim Average (80)
105 flibit Terrific (89)
108 juanchoD Very good (98)
109 Rutager Terrific (93)

sun yue was a great pickup for TC at 37 but all the other picks until the final three rounds were considered average at best. flibit represents a steal at 105 since his consensus position was almost as high as the spot TC traded with benten20 (#85). An x-factor to consider is that many of the players are BE regulars and potentially more reliable.

Overall verdict: Solid. The unremarkable first seven rounds were capped off with a great couple of picks towards the end.

Randy Couture's Dirty Boxers

Captain: Horselover Fat

Draft # Name Value
8 Tats16 Average (7)
17 mountaineers101 Average (16)
32 IvanIllich Very good (19)
41 TitanFan2K Very good (30)
56 KNOWLEGE Good (50)
65 Andy Davis Average (68)
80 LYHL Average (80)
89 cmons Very good (75)
104 Fullcircle Sensational (78)
113 RashadsLeftNipple Terrific (93)

Every pick Horselover made except two (Andy Davis, who was considered as a tiny reach and LYHL who was completely average) were considered decent value. Once again the most highly considered pickups were in the final two rounds although both IvanIllich and TitanFan2K are bona fide steals given their pedigrees.

Overall verdict: Very good. Not one bad pick and a couple of great last-rounders.

Rampage's School of Cuckoldry

Captain: krcampbell

Draft # Name Value
7 skeebop Average (9)
18 KatGirl Poor (31)
31 Pookie_Gnome Below average (37)
42 alicks Outrageously bad (100)
55 RonSwanson Good (48)
66 manch1ld Below average (71)
79 inthepipes Poor (90)
90 Magaca Poor (100)
103 bcpjkell Average (99)
114 Fedorable Very good (99)

Quite a few inthepipes moments for krcampbell as he reached for most of his picks. I assume there were personal reasons involved in some of these picks although it should be mentioned that I had alicks significantly higher than 100 on my own draft sheet.

Overall verdict: Poor. krcampbell may value his players higher than the consensus, but in most cases he could've waited a round and chosen a stronger 4th rounder instead.

Division Kimura


Team Precise Precision

Captain: kreally

Draft # Name Value
4 Sweet Scientist Average (4)
21 GreyedOut Below average (26)
28 Sugel Mendoza Average (30)
45 StevenGiles Good (35)
52 Chris Groves Hopeless (82)
69 NickaG Good (59)
76 swiftman Below average (81)
93 Marcu$ Good (87)
100 gxc Sensational (79)
117 Bobillarious Good (107)

kreally said he snatched Sweet Scientist to piss me off but he landed himself the best player available at #4 according to the consensus. It will be interesting to follow the five prospects and one newcomer as they try to make it in the big time; will Chris Groves live up to his 5th round status and prove his doubters wrong? Steven Giles was a very nice pickup at #45 and gxc was a downright steal at 100.

Overall verdict: Solid. WIth five picks considered good or better, kreally's team should do alright if they can transition to the major leagues without issues.

As Real As It Gets

Captain: Tim Burke

Draft # Name Value
10 Matt Bishop Very poor (25)
15 Earl Montclair Terrible (40)
34 Brent Ducharme Average (39)
39 Chris Hall Average (37)
58 Bar Belle Hopeless (89)
63 Scabby Knuckle Outrageously bad (107)
82 BROCKLESNAR!!!!!! Good (75)
87 KJ Zametov St-Pierre Good (77)
106 Robert Cowan Good (99)
111 BuddyRevell Average (106)

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. While things did improve towards the end, Timmeh's picks left everyone feeling a mixture of bewilderment, happiness and more bewilderment. Loudmouth Matt Bishop was considered a reach for his lack of recent experience while E-Mo's poor Season 2 saw him slide down everyone's sheet. The mid-draft pickups of boobs Bar Belle and Scabby Knuckle were considered particularly bad choices.

Overall verdict: Terrible. What else is there to say?

Night of the Living Death

Captain: Violent Newt

Draft # Name Value
6 Stiff Jab Average (4)
19 afrotikiman Good (13)
30 halitosis Good (21)
43 PDG27 Very good (29)
54 brutalbobbyt Terrific (37)
67 Imaginary Enemy Average (71)
78 av1o3 Good (72)
91 thuggis Good (85)
102 Bookhouse Very good (89)
115 forkboy Sensational (90)

Wow! Only Imaginary Enemy was considered a slight reach as everyone else were picked up later than the consensus would suggest. Season 2 Rookie of the Year PDG27 is a real steal at 43 if he can produce a solid sophomore season and brutalbobbyt at #54 is a proven steal. It was a surprise seeing afrotikiman and halitosis slide all the way to #19 and #30 respectively and Newt must be ecstatic with his draft.

Overall verdict: Sensational. What else is there to say?

Fernando Yamasaki's Stand-Up Guys

Captain: wonderfulspam

Draft # Name Value
11 crazybones Average (9)
14 lanky6 Poor (27)
35 Luke Nelson Average (31)
38 Zachary Kater Below average (44)
59 Josh Hall Terrific (43)
62 tomvale13 Average (62)
83 balrog Average (84)
86 Dangalvan Average (85)
107 HaterSlayer Average (105)
110 triangled Good (100)

A staggeringly average set of picks according to the consensus as 7 of the picks came at pretty much the exact time as was expected. At #14, lanky6 was considered a reach despite placing 2nd in the first BECW and the situation with Kater was the same as a poor 2nd season hurt his draft prospects. Josh Hall was the only pick considered great as his two great prospect camp scores had many thinking he would go a round or two earlier.

Overall verdict: Average at best. Only one stand-out pick and a few poor ones should make this an uphill season for the defending champions.

Captain's verdict: WHAT HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN SMOKING? I have a couple of season 1 champs, a season 2 champ, a season 1 betting champ, the best gif guy on BE, some really solid fanposters and MMA addicts and a guy who seemingly works for the Brazilian government. I couldn't be more stoked!

Division Gotch


Team name TBD

Captain: benten20

Draft # Name Value
9 Fraser Coffeen Very poor (25)
16 Snatchl Good (7)
33 diazhomiez Average (28)
40 Noahwob Good (30)
60 Jim America Average (57)
64 sklart Terrific (46)
81 Farthammer Poor (95)
85 bonesthebaptist Very poor (100)
88 trice Sensational (68)
112 Waristotle Sensational (84)

A very bipolar draft from benten20 as his picks varied from terrible to terrific according to the consensus. The partially unproven Fraser Coffeen was considered a terrible choice as a first rounder but the pickup of Snatchl at 16 evened it out somewhat. The two last rounders should have gone much sooner and sklart was a great pickup at #64 but the choices of Farthammer and bonesthebaptist were surprising. The latter was picked with the 85th pick that benten acquired in a trade with T.C. Engel.

Overall verdict: Good and bad. If Fraser Coffeen can hit the ground running and benten can put in a decent sophomore effort, his team has a chance.

Jon Jones' PR Agency

Captain: IRodC

Draft # Name Value
5 hardy's in your face Average (4)
20 Damon O Outrageously bad (71)
29 19miles Good (20)
44 FightingFighting Good (35)
53 duck Very poor (70)
68 40Cal Hopeless (100)
77 MaZZacare Average (77)
92 mlzybaby Average (89)
101 Unabomberman Good (95)
116 jason18 Terrific (97)

How about that? A couple of average picks, a few good ones, one terrific and three very bad picks according to the consensus. Picking a player without a PG profile in the 2nd round was widely derided but in fairness, IRodC did try to pick 19 other players first only to realise they had all been taken. The last six picks were interesting as they went from terrible to average to great.

Overall verdict: Slightly below average. Only 19miles and hardy's in your face were considered bona fide top 30 talents but if the consensus is right, Dealmakers have a very homogenous if unspectacular lineup.

I can't remember the team name

Captain: Our Bovine Public

Draft # Name Value
3 -Neil- Below average (12)
22 Dave Strummer Below average (27)
27 king of the dogs Average (22)
46 SteveevaD Poor (56)
51 Jeffigatame Average (46)
70 sday420 Below average (79)
75 KGNLuc Good (69)
94 PelvicThrust Below average (101)
99 sgiblin Good (93)
120 Body Triangle Very good (109)

A pretty steady performance for OBP as most picks were right around what the consensus thought although picking up -Neil-/Some_Guy at #3 was quite surprising as was the third-round choice, SteveevaD. Not much else to see here.

Overall verdict: Distinctly average. OBP's squad will need to improve on their performances to stand out.

Beta Males

Captain: Paulo Filho's Psychiatrist

Draft # Name Value
2 DetroitDrew1980 Average (2)
23 Ak.Death Average (24)
26 discoandherpes Very poor (46)
47 LBO Average (44)
50 POW Good (40)
71 MJB! Terrific (53)
74 clayguidashair Average (75)
95 chamiehawk Very good (81)
98 1N87 Very good (87)
118 jafotinatos Good (111)

A mostly good draft for captain PFP as he snapped up the hottest prospect to ever enter the BECW in DetroitDrew. Picking discoandherpes at 26 was a bit of a head-scratcher but the rest of the draft ranged from average to terrific. MJB! was a steal at 71 and the last rounders all look decent.

Overall verdict: Above average. Mostly solid picks all round for PFP!

Final notes

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who made last night's draft possible, in particular the breweries and distilleries around the world that fueled a significant part of the participants. Personally, I have Jaburn's $20 bourbon to thank for half of my picks.


Edited to add: Season Schedule

Event 1:
We Toquinho vs. Patak’s Chili Pickles
Randy Courture’s Dirty Boxers vs. Rampage’s School of Cuckoldry
Precise Precision vs. Night of the Living Death
Fernando Yamasaki’s Standup Guys vs. As Real As It Gets
benten’s Indecision vs. OurBovine Public’s Deafening Silence
Beta Males vs. Jon Jones' PR Agency

Event 2:

We Toquinho vs. Randy Couture’s Dirty Boxers
Patak’s Chili Pickles vs. Rampage’s School of Cuckoldry
Yamasaki’s Stand Up Guys v. Precise Precision
Night of the Living Death v. As Real As It Gets
benten’s indecision v. Jon Jones' PR Agency
Beta Males v. OBP

Event 3:
We Toquinho vs. Rampage’s School of Cuckoldry
Patak’s Chili Pickles v. Couture’s Dirty Boxers
As Real As It Gets v. Precise precision
Yamasaki’s Standup Guys vs. Night of the Living Death
Beta Males vs. benten
Jon Jones' PR Agency vs. OBP

Event 4:
Same as Event 1

Event 5:
Same as Event 2

Event 6:
Same as Event 3

Event 7 (rankings via win/loss records):
All Divisions
No. 1 vs. No. 2
No. 3 vs. No. 4

Events #8-10:
BECW Grand prix (single elimination tournament)
BECW Bland Prix (consolation round robin)

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