Music On, Uhh, Music-ers. What Kind of Underground Music Do You Listen To?

Since there was a highly rec'd post on videogames that had nothing to do with MMA, I figured, why not have another non-MMA-related thread, this time on music?

While I've pretty much always been primarily a metalhead, I've gone through several phases involving space rock, breakcore, shoegaze, post-rock, blues, etc., but they all ended up boring me. Still, discovering new music is a major hobby of mine, and I don't mean just new bands; I like discovering completely new genres of music I would've never thought could exist. Right now, I'm getting a big kick out of dreampop, drone rock, and occult rock. Besides metal, crust punk and underground hip hop will always be secondary mainstays in my library.

So, BE-ers, care to share your obscure music? I'll start off with some of mine:

1. Agalloch - And the Great Cold Death of the Earth:

First thing's first, AGALLOCH IS MY FAVORITE BAND EVER. Their unique blend of neofolk, doom metal, black metal, and post-rock strikes such an inexplicably strong chord in me. This is one of those bands that when I hear them, I have to stop almost all other activities because I get so into the music.

2. Dystopia - Stress Builds Character:

Dystopia plays an interesting cross of sludge metal and crust punk. They hold a special place in my heart for how incredibly pissed off they are. People usually think of metal as this really angry style of music, but most bands kinda just narrate about death and destruction. Dystopia, on the other hand, seems to legitimately hate everyone and want to commit suicide.

3. Anti-Product - It Festers in Their Hearts:

So Dystopia plays a cross of sludge metal and crust punk; Anti-Product plays purer crust, which is like hardcore punk with a stronger metal influence. I realize that tells you almost nothing if you know nothing about these extreme music genres, so I recommend you read up on Wikipedia to get a better idea of what I mean.

4. Money Boss Players - Death of a Salesman:

While gangster rap's a well-known genre, and this post is meant to showcase unknown genres, I still just wanted to share Money Boss Players because they're my favorite hip hop group, followed by Cyne. Gangster rap usually focuses more on bragging about money and bitches, while horrorcore like Esham raps about violence in an over-the-top comedic way. MBP is one of the few crews whose music has a genuinely gritty, realistic, psychopathic feel to it.

5. Warpaint - Burgundy:

And now for something non-violent for a change, dreampop's one of the new phases I've been going through. When I'm not listening to guys growl or rap about killing people, I switch over to female vocalists who sing in a dreamy, atmospheric way.

6. Crooked Necks - Poisoning the Seed:

There's recently been a weird marriage between black metal and shoegaze/post-rock. I can't say I enjoy most of these new 'blackgaze/post-black' bands coming out, but Crooked Necks is one I've really been digging. I don't have much dance music in my library, but I would actually love to dance to Crooked Necks at a party.

That'll do for now because this post is getting so long, but I have a LOT more music to share that would easily take several pages' worth of writing if I showcased them all. For a quick summary of what I listen to, here's my Also, this post might come off as incredibly elitist, but honestly, finding new music is incredibly enjoyable for me. I usually end up hating the vast majority of stuff I come across, but it's such a great feeling when you come across a new band whose material makes you go, "THAT. THAT'S WHAT I'VE WANTED WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT."

So, BE, care to share some music that other people never knew existed? Who of you listens to incredibly random music like John Zorn, ethereal, power electronics, and so on? C'mon, share, and open mindssssss (cue that GIF image of the dude where the background blows up into a supernova).

\The FanPosts are solely the subjective opinions of Bloody Elbow readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Bloody Elbow editors or staff.

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